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Executive Sustainability Committee Initiatives

In April 2017, Hitachi, Ltd. launched the Executive Sustainability Committee to discuss and reach decisions on the Group's sustainability strategy. The committee comprises President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara and other members of the Senior Executive Committee, along with the CEOs of various business units (BUs).

The inaugural meeting on April 25 addressed such issues as the measures to be adopted in helping achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the setup needed to advance those measures.

Each BU will henceforth assign sustainability strategy promotion officers in an effort to strengthen the measures and organizations needed to help achieve the SDGs and promote sustainability.

Society is today undergoing great changes and faces a range of challenges, from environmental issues and natural resource and energy constraints to poverty, inequality in education, diseases, and population concentration in cities. Hitachi's Corporate Credo is to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products. We created our Group Vision in May 2013, at the start of the 2015 Mid-term Management Plan, with the aims of delivering innovations that help to answer society's challenges and of building a safe, secure, comfortable, and fair society.

The Group Vision indicates the path to the next stage of growth. We draw on the ethics and values that Hitachi has developed over the past 100 years—encapsulated in our Corporate Credo and Founding Spirit—while continuously considering the next generation. We look ahead to the longer term, while promoting corporate activities informed by sensitivity to the needs of a changing society. Our Mid-term Management Plan is the action plan we define to realize this vision; by integrating our management and CSR strategies, we seek to enhance the effectiveness of this approach.

The implementation of our plan is a way for us to fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through robust, diverse governance; the pioneering spirit and strong ethical stance of our employees; and operations that help address environmental and other issues. We comply with the laws and regulations of all countries and regions in which we operate and pursue our activities in line with the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct.

Trends in Society and Hitachi Group Identity


As identified in "Five Megatrends and Possible Implications," published in 2014 by PwC.

Hitachi's Social Innovation Business

We work with stakeholders to recognize issues society and our customers face, including global environment problems, and are contributing to the resolution of social issues through our Social Innovation Business, which combines advanced IT with infrastructure technologies developed over many years.

In May 2016, we formulated our 2018 Mid-term Management Plan, which will culminate in fiscal 2018. Under the plan, we aim to become an Innovation Partner for the IoT Era centered on our Social Innovation Business, seeking to expand the sales ratio of frontline operations that develop and deploy services meeting the diverse needs of global society to 40% and to increase our overseas sales ratio as a whole to 55%. We will expand our frontline operations by evolving and enhancing our Social Innovation Business through digital technology and promoting it overseas in the focus business domains of "power and energy," "industry, distribution, and water," "urban," and "finance, public, and healthcare."

We will continue to provide optimum solutions to society's issues with advanced network technologies that are capable of connecting social infrastructure, products, and people.

Focus Business Domains and Key Initiatives


Transition to distributed power supply utilizing IT

  • Microgrid, regional energy management
  • Renewable energy

Investment Focus

  • Strengthening grid and engineering
  • Predictive maintenance


Use Lumada*1 IoT platform to optimize value chains for industry and distribution

Investment Focus

  • Strengthening engineering
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Optimized factory


Improvement of quality of life in communities
From rail as a service to outcome delivery

Investment Focus

  • Development of urban solutions
  • Expansion of the rail business area


FinTech, My Number
Healthcare service (platform)

Investment Focus

  • Strengthening healthcare informatics
Hitachi's open and highly versatile IoT solution platform using software technology to obtain new information from integrating and analyzing data and running simulations.

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