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Hitachi's Efforts to Promote Sustainability

Many governments and companies are now implementing measures to contribute to the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Hitachi, the first meeting of the Executive Sustainability Committee was held in April 2017 to advance a sustainability strategy that includes contributions to the attainment of the SDGs and other related measures. Each business unit has named an officer in charge of promoting Hitachi's sustainability strategy; the mission of these officers is to take responsibility for linking the operations of the business units with Hitachi's sustainability strategy and to incorporate the Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 targets into their business strategies for implementation from a long-term perspective.

Our major activities and achievements during fiscal 2016 include the following.

In the area of governance, we have expanded the Hitachi Global Compliance Program to ensure thoroughgoing compliance and are making ongoing efforts to reinforce our compliance efforts throughout the Group.

We are also bolstering our environmental initiatives with a view to attaining the targets of our Environmental Action Plan for 2018. One key performance indicator is CO2 emissions of our products and services; we have established a target of 40% reductions in fiscal 2018 and are well on our way to achieving this target, as we were able to reduce emissions by 35% in fiscal 2016.

As part of Group-wide workstyle reforms aimed at bolstering creativity and achieving higher productivity and efficiency, we have launched a Work-Life Innovation Project for a Creative Future designed to encourage workstyle diversity. Suggestions by employees and best practices are shared over the intranet, and initiatives are promoted on a Group-wide basis in keeping with President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara's message for employees to use the increase in their free time—secured through workstyle reforms—for their self-edification.

Hitachi Sustainability Report 2017 contains an overview of these and many other initiatives undertaken to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

We will further advance our sustainability strategy and do our best to disclose information in an appropriate manner in contributing to the resolution of social issues through our Social Innovation Business.

Toshiaki Kuzuoka, Hitachi, Ltd.
Representative Executive Officer
Senior Vice President and Executive Officer
General Counsel & Head of Corporate Communication
Head of Risk Management
General Manager of Legal and Communications Group
General Manager of Risk Management Group
General Manager of Corporate Hospital Group

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