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Corporate InformationCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Hitachi's Aims

We are actively advancing our CSR activities to meet society's expectations based on an accurate perception of the impact of our operations on society and our social responsibilities. We are contributing to the resolution of social issues through our Social Innovation Business, which combines advanced IT with infrastructure technologies developed over many years, and are conducting dialogue with all our stakeholders to identify and contribute to the identification of social issues. In addition, we are promoting collaborative creation with stakeholders to resolve those issues and achieve the sustainable growth of society by fulfilling our social responsibilities. We are creating both economic and social value by aligning our CSR activities with our Mid-term Management Plan to realize the Hitachi Group Vision.

Understanding Issues Through Dialogue and Taking Part in Initiatives

Hitachi's Approach

Hitachi promotes its Social Innovation Business with efforts to accurately perceive the social issues in each country or region, followed by collaborative work with customers and other stakeholders to resolve them. In conducting this business, we place importance on two-way communication with stakeholders and active participation in various initiatives in coordination with various groups.

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Realizing Sustainable, Innovative Business

Understanding Issues Through Dialogue and Taking Part in Initiatives

Main Assessments and Awards

Participation in Initiatives

Social Contribution Activities