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Sensibly visualize inner-company communication [Business Microscope]

Photo : [Business Microscope]

[Business Microscope] is a system that is uses sensor technology to measure and analyze inner company communication and activities. Multiple sensor devices are placed inside a nameplate type sensor that is attached to company employees. When the name tag sensors come within a specified distance of each other, they recognize each other and record the face time, body and behavior rhythm data to a server.

It creates an [organization network diagram] (right image) based on a concentration of recordings from the nametag sensor displaying the cooperation structure of company employees. Groups in close cooperation are visualized; the cooperation between the groups with lesser members is displayed as a slope (right image). By making inner-organizational issues of group cooperation clear, appropriate organizational activities can be offered to address the issues. Definite organizational reform can be implemented to quantitatively confirm the results.

The approach to these features was evaluated, and the [Business Microscope] was awarded the 2008 Good Design Award's (Industrial Area Solution Business, Service System Division) Award.

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