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[Image] A factory for other factories to aspire to.

Making the most of their own eco products! The Narashino Division is a model for the world as an energy-saving factory.

The Narashino Division is a Eco-Factory for Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, a company which follows the basic principle of reconciling productivity with care for the environment. Its greatest characteristic is that it achieves its ecological goals by making full use of the energy-saving products the company develops and manufactures. By installing the company's key products, such as high-efficiency amorphous transformers, inverter-controlled production equipment and electrical power monitoring systems, the factory achieved a reduction of CO2 emissions in FY2014 of approximately 16,000 tonnes(*), compared with FY1990.

This solid technology and its energy-saving effects are highly regarded by the company's customers, and the factory itself doubles as a showroom for energy-saving products. The factory is also attracting attention from around the world as an energy-saving model factory, through initiatives such as taking in trainees from outside Japan.

[Image] I see! So the factory itself doubles as a showroom for energy-saving products.

The CO2 emission coefficients in FY 1990 and 2014 were 0.417kg-CO2/kWh and 0.36kg-CO2/kWh, respectively.

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[Image] Renewable energy use

Renewable energy use
Installed a 130kW photovoltaic power generation system (FY 2014)

[Image] Recycling of waste and other resources

Recycling of waste and other resources
Achieved a final disposal rate of less than 0.1%, and 100% registration rate in electronic manifests in Japan (FY 2014)

These are things we can do for the environment

  • Overview of the factory
  • Saving energy
  • Waste reduction
  • Modal shift
  • Energy recovery
  • Solar power generation
  • Advanced environmental equipment

Product Information

[Image] The Motor NEO100 Premium

The Motor NEO100 Premium
The Motor NEO100 Premium meets the efficiency requirements (equivalent to IE3) under the Top Runner program that will be launched in FY 2015, contributing to energy savings.

[Image] Energy-Saving HE Pump

Energy-Saving HE Pump
This pump is used to supply water to buildings and condominiums. It is equipped with a high-efficiency magnet motor (equivalent to IE4) and contributes to energy savings. The pump also has a built-in inverter function and requires no control panel, contributing to space savings.

[Image] NE-S1 Series Inverter

NE-S1 Series Inverter
This product provides variable speed motor control, contributing to energy savings. It also has an automatic energy-saving control function to constantly minimize power consumption. The standard product meets international standards, such as CE.