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The Hitachi Tree

Details of how to access Moanalua Gardens from Waikiki are as follows:

Take the Interstate H1 freeway and go northwest from the Waikiki area to Moanalua Gardens.

Map from Waikiki area to Moanalua Gardens

(1) From Waikiki, get onto Interstate H1 by going northwest on Ala Wai Boulevard. alongside the Ala Wai Canal. Get in the far right lane.

(2) Turn right at McCully St. and cross the bridge.

(3) Go straight along McCully St. for about 5 minutes and cross the first road bridge.

(4) Immediately on crossing the bridge, turn left onto Dole Street. (Look for the H1 sign).

(5) Take the first street to your left, Alexander Street.
Beware: This intersection is a 4-way stop where cars coming from any direction must stop and proceed in order of arrival. Be sure to stop at this intersection.

(6) Turn right at the end of Alexander Street onto the Interstate H1 freeway.

(7) Continue west on Interstate H1 and then exit from Exit 3.

Watch for the Exit 20 sign which is the exit for the Likelike Highway.

However, stay in the lane for the H1 Airport and drive on past Exit 20.

You are getting near Moanalua Gardens, so be careful with directions from here.

(1) You are now on Interstate H1. Once you see the sign for the H201 Freeway Fort Shafter Aiea, keep driving in the lane for H201. Do not take the turnoff for the airport, but continue driving in the lane for H201.

(2) A sign for Exit 19B will appear, but do not change lanes. Exit 3, the exit for Moanalua Gardens, is next after Exit 19B. Keep driving in the third lane from the left.

(3) After passing the turnoff for the airport, the sign for Exit 4 will appear on a gentle right-hand curve. The next sign is for Exit 3, for Moanalua Gardens.

(4) Keep driving on the lane with the sign for 7310 Puuloa Road at the Exit 4 turnoff. The sign changes here from H201 to 7310. Keep driving in the lane with the sign for 7310.

You are almost there! Drive up to the main gate.

(1) Keep driving on the right lane. The sign for Exit 3 Puuloa Rd: Triper Hospital will soon come into view.

(2) The sign for 7310 Puuloa Road: Triper Hospital and Exit 3 is on a gentle right-hand curve.

(3) The sign for Exit 3 reappears. Moanalua Gardens are to the right of this sign.

(4) The entrance to Moanalua Gardens will soon come into view. It's about 50 meters to the entrance. Slow down.

(5) Turn right at the sign for Moanalua Gardens.

(6) And you’re there!