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Hitachi Procurement


Enrich the Variety of Purchasing Items

Although our current purchasing items in Europe are mainly applied to power and industrial systems, it is desirable to expand the procurement in other business fields, such as Information Systems, Telecommunication, Consumer Products, and so on. We welcome potential suppliers for software contracts, and electronic parts for consumer products, who can contribute to our business expansion. We would also like to expand our procurement in the power and industrial systems field, from Europe and we would like to have a close business partnership with the European suppliers.

We have been also developing new suppliers of parts and materials for our heavy industrial products, such as power plants, rolling mills, chemical plants, compressors, rail transportation and elevators/escalators. We are always open to competitive proposals from new suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact our procurement offices, European Procurement & Sourcing Group of Hitachi Europe GmbH.