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Information & Telecommunication Systems


Overview of Hitachi's IT Business

In today's world, IT (information technology) supports some of the most important social infrastructures required for business activities and in our daily lives. Serving as a source of competitiveness for business enterprises and as an engine of innovation for society, IT has become even more important in recent years.

For many decades, Hitachi has been engaged in IT business as well as in social infrastructure businesses such as energy and transportation. Hitachi is committed to providing cutting-edge IT that not only solves business issues for our customers, but also resolves the problems facing our society.


Supercomputer HITAC S-810
Supercomputer HITAC S-810

Founded in 1910, Hitachi launched its information and telecommunications business in 1937 with the production of telephones and switchboards. In the 1950s, Hitachi began research on computer technology and then, in 1959, marketed the computer HITAC 301 for business use.
Hitachi has been engaged in the development of various systems that support our society, such as Japan's first train seat reservation system in 1960 and an online banking system in 1969.
In 1982, Hitachi developed Japan's first full-fledged supercomputer, HITAC S-810, achieving the fastest performance in the world at that time and acquiring a positive reputation in the market. Responding to the demands of the time, Hitachi produced a series of IT products such as the mainframe computer HITAC M-680H in 1985, the integrated systems management software JP1 (which later won the top market share in Japan) in 1994, and the large capacity RAID storage system H-6591 in 1995.
Then, as concern over information security increased, Hitachi developed finger vein authentication technology in the 2000s. In addition to holding a large share of the Japanese market with regard to ATMs with built-in biometric identification devices, this technology is also used globally, in security applications such as room access control and PC login authentication.
Our core competencies of high reliability accumulated through developing various systems that support our society and superb product development capabilities backed up by high-level research activities enable us to continue to provide hardware (such as servers, storage devices, network equipment, and thin client terminals), platform solutions, various business software, and ultimately the best solutions and services for all of our customers.

Business Lineup

With Hitachi, Ltd., as the core, the Hitachi Group joined with companies including Hitachi Consulting and Hitachi Vantara to deploy business globally and collaboratively. The major solutions and products provided by Hitachi are introduced below.

Solutions & Services


Hitachi offers business consultation services to help customers establish business strategies, improve operational processes, and create IT strategies. Hitachi also offers IT consultation services to help customers install and operate cutting-edge IT.

IT Strategies / Collaboration

Hitachi provides a vast range of key solutions for corporate IT strategies. These include the use of big data via the Data Analytics Meister Service which uses a wide range of cutting-edge technology, as well as cloud solutions consisting of hardware with high reliability, usability, and expandability. Other strategies include thin-client solutions that support work style reforms, and ERP that serves as a foundation for improving operating efficiency and optimizing overall management.

Hitachi runs an Internet cloud service called TWX-21 that allows enterprises to collaborate in various forms and to share information. Approximately 50,000 companies from around Japan and overseas participate in TWX-21 and use it as a marketplace.


Hitachi provides a variety of customized solutions and packaged software to support professional operations in industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retailing, government (national and local governments, as well as public institutions), education, and medicine.

By applying advanced information technology to know-how in fields that support society (such as device and equipment maintenance and management, and healthcare management), Hitachi provides services that enhance operations and make operations more intelligent.

IT Platform / Information Security

By using Hitachi products, Hitachi provides a wide range of IT platform solutions including scalable storage solutions that can be adjusted based on the purpose and use, and network solutions that accelerate business via highly reliable network systems.

In addition, Hitachi offers security solutions for building secure information systems by using biometric platforms including finger vein authentication, encryption solution, and other security-related technology.


Via robust, reliable, power-saving data center services that are environmentally friendly, Hitachi is committed to helping customer businesses achieve stable operation.

System Integration / System Operation

Using reliable process control, Hitachi undertakes all system-building work, including finding the appropriate combination of hardware and software necessary build an information system to support the customer's operations.

In addition, Hitachi provides operational support services that reduce the customer's workload and maintain stable operation, as well as a service in which Hitachi operates the information system for the customer.

Platform Products

Platform Software / Middleware

Hitachi provides a wide variety of highly reliable platform software and middleware that serve as the basis for building business systems. Such software and middleware include system operation management software, storage management software, cloud service platforms, and database management systems.

Converged Platform

Hitachi provides converged platform solutions that include the hardware, software, and services for easy installation and operation. For example, Hitachi provides its private cloud customers with a converged platform model that is tailored to the size and operating level of the customer’s system and that is operational immediately after installation.


Hitachi offers a product line of servers to meet your various needs, such as high-performance servers for technical calculations ("Super Technical Server"), high-reliability and high-availability mainframe computers for mission-critical systems, and UNIX servers and PC servers that can be selected based on your business size.

Storage systems

Hitachi offers a portfolio of data storage products to meet your data storage needs, from block storage systems that offer the performance and reliability required by mission-critical systems, to file storage systems (suitable for file sharing, and data consolidation management and utilization) and back-up storage systems (suitable for saving data).

Network equipment

Hitachi offers a wide variety of products that support company network systems: IP telephony products and video-conferencing systems that support comprehensive company communication; routers, switches, and accelerators that make up IP networks; and access and transport equipment required for interfacing with optical lines.

Terminal devices

In addition to ATMs and bank teller stations for financial institutions, and seat-reservation terminals for transport facilities, Hitachi also offers terminals that enhance the security of social system interfaces. For example, Hitachi provides finger vein authentication equipment (VeinID) for highly accurate and user-friendly biometric identification terminals.

Image scanners, OCRs, and printers

Hitachi offers input and output devices including image scanners, OCRs, cut-sheet printers, continuous-feed printers, and dot-matrix impact printers for office use.