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Integrated Operations Management JP1

JP1 is a family of Hitachi software products for systems and operations management. The first JP1 products debuted in 1994. To further improve the value of our customers' business environments, we at Hitachi have been cultivating and compiling our technology and expertise since the mainframe era to continually adapt to the type of operations management technology demanded by the changing times.
Even now, JP1 continues to evolve through the incorporation of our customers' requests and our collaborations with various partner companies.

JP1 operations management for your every need

JP1 provides products for automation, monitoring, and compliance to meet your management needs.

JP1 concept category


JP1 can automatically execute scheduled tasks and can even automate complicated operations that you might think can only be performed manually.
Moreover, JP1 offers business continuity functions to prepare for emergencies. These functions include the automatic backup and remote storage of important data. By helping you build highly reliable, mission-critical systems, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operator mistakes, JP1 puts your entire system to work!


JP1 monitors systems as a whole, providing functions that range from the monitoring of infrastructure (including the network) to the monitoring of business systems and services. JP1 can also help you analyze failures, maintain or improve service performance, and operate stable systems. Have you ever asked yourself, "What is going on right now with my system?", "Is everything running smoothly?", or "Are services being provided at the necessary performance level?" JP1 creates a visual representation of the current status of your system to help you answer these questions and more. It also meets the needs of many customers to ensure that their systems never go down, by allowing them to efficiently monitor operations and rapidly detect and respond to failures.


JP1 aids compliance by allowing you to efficiently manage of all of your IT assets, including virtual desktops and smart devices, from one convenient location. Automatically take inventory of your IT assets and enforce company-wide compliance with IT policies, such as those governing software licenses. You can also use JP1 to protect your important IT assets from security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses, and information leaks.

Three benefits of JP1


Efficient operation

Hitachi has a rich body of knowledge from years of real experience. Based on this real-world knowledge, Hitachi provides tools to enhance the management, operation, and efficiency of IT systems. By enabling data visualization and the automation of entire IT systems, these tools can reduce administration workloads as well as ongoing costs.


Solid reliability

JP1 can be swiftly adapted to handle business growth and changes in your system environment, such as the use of cloud computing and virtualization technologies. In addition, its ability to detect warning signs of failures in complex systems can help you create a non-stop, reliable business environment.


Greater safety

JP1 helps achieve compliance with defined business models and policies. It also provides company data systems with robust protection from both internal and external security threats.