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Integrated Operations Management JP1

With the continued integration of IT and management, it is now crucial for enterprises to have IT systems and operations that can quickly and flexibly adapt to the changing business environment.
In an age that requires fast management, the newest version of JP1 products for comprehensive IT management (V11) comes complete with many enhancements, which are described on this page.

JP1 products that support cloud technologies

As more and more customers are now using cloud technologies, the ways in which such technologies are used are also becoming more advanced.

JP1 enables agile and scalable operations, helping customers take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technologies.

Start using JP1 immediately

  • Using the vast knowledge and expertise cultivated over many years at Hitachi, Hitachi has revised the initial values of the environment setting parameters in each JP1 product to accommodate many different IT environments, such as those that include cloud technologies. Moreover, the numbers of environment setting parameters that must be configured before the start of operations were reduced: by approximately 70% for job-related products and 60% for monitoring-related products. This significantly cuts down the time needed for configuration and allows users to start using JP1 much more quickly.
  • By using JP1/Automatic Operation, you can ensure that environment setting parameters are automatically configured according to your design documents, accurately and without omissions, thereby simplifying the system-building process and reducing configuration mistakes.

Use auto-scaling to achieve flexible job-execution operations and easily link with external services

  • With the spread of virtualization and cloud technologies, there is a growing need for flexible job operations that make use of the features unique to the cloud. By specifying ELB (the load balancing product provided by Amazon Web Services) as the job-execution destination in JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3, users can now use the auto-scaling functionality of the AWS environment to flexibly adjust operations to handle sudden changes in the number of jobs to be executed.

Auto-scaling in an AWS environment

AJS:JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3
IM:JP1/Integrated Management
PFM:JP1/Performance Management
AWS:Amazon Web Services
ELB:Elastic Load Balancing
  • In response to the sudden increase in external web services that provide web APIs, in JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3, it is now easy to link to external web services simply by using standard jobs to call web APIs. In addition, web services can be used to call JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3, expanding the scope of operations that can be performed.

JP1 products for revolutionizing your IT operations

In the market, the movement to drastically cut costs by using virtual environments and cloud services to integrate and reform IT platforms is gaining momentum. At the same time, however, new issues are surfacing. For example, failures that occur now have greater, more widespread effects, and recovery work now takes more time than before.

By making the constantly changing IT environments automated and autonomous, JP1 aims for total optimization, revolutionizing IT operations.

To make operations autonomous at a higher level, JP1 provides functions to automate the three essential phases of operations management: monitoring, analysis, and processing.

Autonomous operations in JP1

Automation of monitoring and analysis

The new JP1/Operations Analytics supports the automation of monitoring and analysis. For IT platforms consolidated via the use of virtual environments and cloud services, JP1/Operations Analytics provides multifaceted functions for investigation and analysis to accelerate recovery when a failure occurs. With JP1/Operations Analytics's thorough support for tasks ranging from investigation to recovery, even less experienced operators can handle highly complex failures without having to rely on experts.

Automation of monitoring and analysis via JP1/Operations Analytics

Automation of processing

With its revamped, easy-to-use GUI, JP1/Automatic Operation now makes automating processes more intuitive, reducing the risk of mistakes. As a result, tasks such as the provisioning of virtual servers in response to a system failure can be automated, making operations even more efficient.

Automation of processing via JP1/Automatic Operation

Enhancement of the JP1 product lineup for the global market

Some of the products that were previously sold only in Japan are now being offered worldwide.

Enhanced operations in private cloud environments

Recently, more and more people are using open-source cloud platforms, the most widely used of which are VMware and OpenStack.
With JP1/Service Portal for OpenStack, even cloud service users now have access to intuitive, easy-to-use portals and can use functions that are essential to companies (such as functions for approval and for tracking operations). This helps to reduce the workloads of both users and administrators.

Cloud operations via JP1/Service Portal for OpenStack

Visualize and share operational procedures and expertise

Work procedures sometimes include tasks that cannot be automated, such as those that require manual operations or human judgment.
JP1/Navigation Platform provides easy-to-understand, on-screen guidance for such work procedures, helping to standardize work quality and eliminate dependence on the skill level of individual operators.
Furthermore, JP1/Navigation Platform (the new product that helps operators navigate through procedures involving manual work) can be used in combination with JP1/Automatic Operation (a product for automation) to ensure the standardization of work.

Standardization of processes by combining JP1/Navigation Platform and JP1/Automatic Operation

JP1/AO : JP1/Automatic Operation
JP1/NP : JP1/Navigation Platform

In response to customer requests, many enhancements (product enhancements and functional enhancements) have been made to the newest version of JP1 (V11). For more information about the newly evolved JP1 products, please see the detailed product introductions.