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The following cases shows how our customers have achieved business success through the use of Job Management Partner 1 products.


Case Studies (China)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

"With JP1/AJS2 applied, we can easily link the systems based on different platforms, which allows the work to be done smoothly in a multiple platform and operating system environment."

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing

"As the evidence shows, Hitachi JP1 can fully satisfy the demands of the education business world for computerization."

by Representative at the Training Base

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM, JP1/CSC Education

"Previously, to ensure 24x365 uninterrupted operation, 3 administrators had to work on shift around the clock to manage the billing system; by contrast, only one now has full capacity to handle the billing system management since JP1 software deployment, which minimizes the use of manpower."

JP1/AJS Information and communication

"After comparing product serviceability, ease of operation and maintenance, supplier support, and something like that, we prefer Hitachi JP1/SD desktop management software products."

JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

"The user interface of JP1 is very user friendly, and it is easy to use. Even if we encounter problems, we can get very quick response from HITACHI by email and phone support."

JP1/SD Government Organizations

"Using JP1 application for one year, it has been a benefit to our system maintenance department, which we are very satisfied. There never occurs any problem within one year. The fast speed and low resource required satisfies us most."

JP1/SD, JP1/RC Product and manufacturing

"After comparing product serviceability, ease of operation and maintenance, supplier support, and something like that, we prefer Hitachi JP1/SD desktop management software products."

JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

"Since JP1 was applied, we no longer need to assign employee to process track records. In other words, labor is saved."

JP1 Product and manufacturing

Olympus (Shenzhen) automates SAP® R/3® job operations on HA mode with JP1
See the advertisement style [PDF: 423KB]

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing

"We confirmed that the automatic execution function of JP1/AJS2 contributed to the stability of system, so we decided to introduce the software formally."

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing

"Hitachi JP1 has a user-friendly operator interface ... Just one mouse click on One-key Request will instantly send the request to the engineer PC."

JP1/SD Transportation

Published in WALKER CHINA July, 2005

"The work at the time the system was introduced actually went very smoothly, and we found no trouble when connecting with other systems. The after-sales service provided by the Hitachi staff has been sincere, quickly adaptable, and they have provided a good support system."

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing

"It is reasonable to conclude that JP1 helps consolidate the competitiveness of Sing Tao News Group and facilitate the realization of its ultimate goal in maximizing the company stakeholder interests."

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM, JP1/RC Service/advertisement, publication, and printing


Case Studies (Japan)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

Customer Service Center uses JP1 to support Remote Voucher Processing and Night Batch Processing

Job management product Product and manufacturing

JP1 updates operation management of NKK's UNIX-based mission critical system 10,000 jobs executed, and job processing time reduced

Job management product Information and communication

Rebuilding a core system for an entire group using SAP® R/3®
JP1 automates job operation on a massive scale

JP1/OJE Transportation

Approximately 1,000 servers and 25,000 clients
Efficient central management of the largest network in the world - with low TCO

JP1/SD Electricity, gas, and waterworks

JP1 for data center's high system availability requirements
Handling diverse needs through Integrated Management

JP1/IM, JP1/AJS Information and communication

Building a new core system that supports an innovative strategy
JP1 delivers stable business operation

JP1/SD Information and communication

Accounting system connects complex fixed-asset management and cost calculation by linking "PeopleSoft" and JP1

JP1 Information and communication

High system availability with JP1 for centrally managed center server
SLA requires precise operation analysis for high level service

JP1/PAM, JP1/IM, JP1/AJS Information and communication

Using JP1 for Integrated Management of a Large-Scale, Mission-Critical System Completely Automated Operation and Reliability Effectively Ensured

JP1/AJS, JP1/SD Finance and insurance

"For functionality, we very much liked JP1's ability to stably manage the nearly ten thousand PCs that we currently use throughout the entire group."

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM, JP1/CSC Product and manufacturing

Rapid security enhancement and efficient asset management for corporate asset protection
JP1 combines patch distribution with Asset Management

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM Product and manufacturing


Case Studies (Korea)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

Centralized management of 3,000 PCs scattered over five different locations with JP1 Problem solving is drastically accelerated, and TCO is reduced by 30%

JP1/SD, JP1/RC Product and manufacturing


Case Studies (Malaysia)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

"We now have much more time to work together with the business units on how the MIS Department can enable and support their future plans."

JP1/AJS, JP1/FTS/FTP, JP1/AIM, JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC CO., (M) BHD (MELCOM) saves on operational costs with JP1

JP1/AJS, JP1/OJE, JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

"The biggest benefit we've realised from the use of Hitachi JP1 Software Distribution is our Networks Operations and Office Automation team can now focus on areas that are most critical to the business."

JP1/SD, JP1/RC Transportation

"New applications, patches and upgrades are distributed much faster, there is far less scheduled end-user downtime and disruption to day-to-day operations, and operating and application software are consistent and up-to-date."

JP1/SD, JP1/RC Product and manufacturing


Case Studies (Philippines)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

Hitachi's JP1 Version 6i was the simplest solution to a complex IT infrastructure including SAP® R/3® to control their customer management system
See the advertisement style [PDF: 720KB]

JP1/AJS Government Organizations


Case Studies (Singapore)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

"Hitachi clearly had users in mind when it designed JP1. The core is solid but the interface is very intuitive."
"Overall, we see Hitachi JP1 as a force multiplier."

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM Product and manufacturing

"Together, Hitachi JP1/AJS and Hitachi JP1/SD have enabled each of the business entities in Asia South to function more efficiently and effectively."

JP1/AJS, JP1/SD Service/retail and wholesale

"Through the use of Hitachi JP1 Software Distribution, we've gained a clear, current and complete view of our client environment and reconciled our installed software against license information. We've also achieved version consistency, raised end-user and IT staff productivity, and lowered client software costs."

JP1/SD Finance and insurance

"We view Hitachi more as a very close business partner for the long term than a mere technology supplier. In the short time that we've worked together thus far, it has proven itself many times over, always willing to offer sound expert advice on how we can better leverage IT."

JP1/SD, JP1/AIM Product and manufacturing

"The interfaces between our ERP, logistics, finance, HR and workflow systems now need less attention, yet are more stable. The Hitachi JP1 solution has enabled us to reap benefits including productivity improvement and cost reduction which has helped to hone our competitive edge."

JP1/AJS, JP1/OJE Product and manufacturing

"The two complementary Hitachi JP1 solutions had just what we wanted so there was no question of us having to over-buy in order to have all the functionalities we wanted."

JP1/AIM, JP1/SD, JP1/RC Electricity, gas, and waterworks

JP1 Desktop Management helps administrators in ST Assembly Test Services Ltd to centrally collect, view and manage hardware and software information and contribute to labor saving and stability in the operation of a global system

JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

"In Hitachi JPI/SD, we found a rich set of features that more than matched our needs, a superior and highly intuitive user interface, ease of operation, and sensible pricing."

JP1/SD, JP1/RC Service/retail and wholesale

"Besides meeting our key criteria, what we found attractive about Hitachi JP1/AJS was it has a very small footprint and thus there was no need to invest in additional hardware. Pre-sale support was also excellent."

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing


Case Studies (Philippines)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

"We had spent quite some time evaluating several solutions. Eventually, we decided on Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management (ITDM) because it had everything we needed in a single package."

JP1/ITDM Finance and insurance

"The level of automation is very high and we have clear visibility of job status and workflow. There is now tighter meshing of our mission-critical applications and timelier synchronisation of our production activities, and this has resulted in a more stable production schedule."

JP1/AJS Product and manufacturing

"Using Hitachi JP1/SD, we are now able to centrally and remotely log PC operations such as program execution, window changes, and file operations. This gives us greater visibility into what happens at the desktop level, as well as makes troubleshooting faster and easier."

JP1/SD Product and manufacturing

"The two Hitachi JP1 solutions best matched our needs. What we found most attractive and which the other vendors didn't have is the operation log acquisition capability, the features for protecting company-confidential information, and the ability for use to manage IT assets over their lifecycles."

JP1/AIM, JP1/SD Product and manufacturing


Case Studies (Europe)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

"JP1 allows jobs to be easily added irrespective of which system they are running on."

JP1/AJS Service/retail and wholesale

"JP1 enabled us to become our customers' virtual IT department. We can now provide a wide range of management services from system planning and construction to smooth problem resolution. It has added great value to our baseline business."

JP1/SD, JP1/IM Information and communication

North America

Case Studies (North America)
Name of Client Product Name Industry

JP1 Manages SAP® R/3® Jobs for Mitsui's North America Operations

JP1/AJS, JP1/FTS/FTP Service/retail and wholesale
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