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Integrated Operations Management JP1

The support status of cloud platforms is described for each OS version.

Notes about the lists

  • Information about the product support status is collected at the end of each month. If there is any change in the status, the information is updated the following month.Areas that have been changed are marked.
  • For details about the supported OS versions and editions, see the Support OSs.

Concepts related to the use of JP1 products on cloud platforms

A cloud platform can be supported if the OS of the cloud platform and the virtual platform environment are already supported for JP1 products, and they are compatible with the standard environment (the OS environment on real machines) on which JP1 runs.

  • The supported OSs are Windows Server and Linux only.
  • Note that some JP1 products cannot be used on cloud platforms. For details, see the description of JP1 products that cannot be used on cloud platforms.

In a cloud environment, the environment in which normal operation is guaranteed might differ from the standard environment (the OS environment on a physical machine). As a result, the range of provided support services might also differ. For this reason, when using this product, customers might need to isolate failures themselves.
Inquiries regarding failures and the standard use of JP1 products can be directed to our customer support center as common problems that occur both in the standard environment and in cloud environments.
When investigating a problem, we might ask the customer to reproduce the problem in the standard environment to make sure the problem is not related to the cloud environment.
If we can verify that the problem is not related to the cloud environment, our company will provide the same support services as those provided when JP1 products are used in the standard environment.

Cloud platforms for which the operation of JP1 products has been verified

JP1 products have been verified to operate normally on the following cloud platforms.

The guaranteed range of operation in a cloud environment is different from that of a standard environment (an OS environment on a real machine). For this reason, the range of support is also different. Therefore, you might be asked to agree to use the product on the premise that you will be responsible for isolating the causes of failures that occur.

Note that our support desk treats inquiries about the standard use of the JP1 product and product failures as issues that commonly occur in both a standard environment and a cloud environment.

To confirm that the issue did not originate in a cloud environment, as part of our investigative efforts we might ask you to reproduce the symptom in a standard environment.
After we confirm that the problem is not related to a cloud environment, we will provide the same support services we provide for customers who use the JP1 product in a standard environment.

However, there are some products and product versions that we are unable to support.
For details, see the "OS support status".

Products whose operation on cloud platforms has been verified

Below is the list of the support status information of the cloud platforms for Windows and Linux:

List of supported products
Category Last updated Excel format
OS Support

The support services available for products that have a monitoring target depend on the software vendor.

Products that cannot be used on cloud platforms

The following product cannot be used on cloud platforms. To use this product, install it in an on-premises environment.

  • JP1/Performance Management - Remote Monitor for Virtual Machine
    This product cannot be used to monitor Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2; it can be used to monitor in-house virtual hosts only. While there might be a need to access monitored in-house virtual hosts from a cloud environment, this is not supported because making virtual hosts accessible from a cloud environment can present security issues with respect to both the virtual hosts and their guest OSs.