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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Supported OSs

[Update: September 7, 2018]

The support status of supported platforms is described for each OS version.

Notes about the lists

  • Information about the product support status is collected at the end of each month. If there is any change in the status, the information is updated the following month.Areas that have been changed are marked.
  • The details about supported OS versions might differ by product.
    Note that some of the supported OS versions might limit the functions the product can use.
  • If you want to use JP1 in cloud environments or virtual environments, check the support status for each of these environments as well.

Provision of service packs and updates

We check the operation of the Windows version of the JP1 product, and provide the JP1 product service packs and updates based on the results of this check. When necessary, we will announce the schedule for operation checks and provide a notice about products for which problems were detected during an operation check.


*1 Refer to the following notes when you use JP1 products on Windows Server 2016.



Mac OS