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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to efficiently develop and execute batch jobs?

JP1/Advanced Shell is a product that provides an environment for developing batch jobs based on the shell scripts widely used in UNIX. This product also provides a script-execution infrastructure that can be used on various platforms. With JP1/Advanced Shell, you can execute "awk", "tar", and other UNIX commands that are frequently used in batch operations even in a Windows environment. Furthermore, a special editor is provided with which you can edit, test, and debug scripts in a single window, allowing you to develop and debug shell scripts more efficiently.

JP1/Advanced Shell : Edit

Benefits of the product

  • Because existing shell scripts that were used in UNIX can also be used in Windows, the cost of migrating to Windows can be greatly reduced.
  • Because you can now create shell scripts to be executed on multiple platforms, you can improve efficiency and standardize the quality of development work.