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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to easily and securely transfer large files?

JP1/Data Highway securely sends large files at high speeds over the Internet. You can send multiple video files, backed-up data files, and more at the same time, even when each of the files is several hundred gigabytes in size. Large files can be transferred very efficiently because you do not need to split them. File transfers can be made more secure through means such as restricting who is able to receive the files and encrypting transmissions (by using HTTPS) to prevent eavesdropping. Furthermore, you can prevent files from being sent to unintended or unapproved recipients by prohibiting unverified file transfers. Because file transfers do not require a dedicated line or special hardware, JP1/Data Highway can be introduced quickly and inexpensively.

Video introducing the product

Safely transfer huge amounts of data at high speeds

Safely transfer huge amounts of data at high speeds

Product overview

Control email recipients and safely transfer files via the Internet.

Benefits of the product

  • By using JP1/Data Highway, you can send files over the Internet via encrypted transmission routes (HTTPS). This method both reduces the risk of data loss or theft and shortens the time needed to transfer data, compared to physically sending recordable media such as CDs or DVDs.
  • You can transfer large files without having to split them (as is necessary when sending such files via other methods, such as email attachment). If a transfer fails, it is automatically re-executed only for the data that failed to be transferred, which eliminates the need to check the transfer results and manually resend the files.
  • By linking JP1/Data Highway with JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3, you can automate file transfers by setting schedules or defining events that trigger file transfers, such as the receipt of a file. This helps ensure that the necessary files are transferred and reduces the operator's workload.

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