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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to visualize and share operational procedures so that operators can work with confidence?

JP1/Navigation Platform helps you visualize and share operational procedures and expertise, and provides accurate and appropriate guidance to operators during complex procedures. Operators can work efficiently by following procedural flowcharts and by referring to guidance information that explains, through documentation and images, the detailed work to be performed at each step. Based on the execution history of each procedure, details such as the number of times a work item was executed, the execution time, and the number of errors that occurred are automatically calculated and displayed. This allows you to easily identify problematic work items, such as those that take a lot of time or those for which input mistakes frequently occur. Continually improve work procedures by making the necessary changes from your web browser and efficiently share those changes with others, thereby ensuring that all operators follow the improved procedures.

Product features

Provide accurate and appropriate guidance

Flowcharts and on-screen guidance help operators perform their work accurately. By linking JP1/Navigational Platform with JP1/Automatic Operation, you can automate some of the work items in an operational procedure.

Provide accurate and appropriate guidance

Improve procedures based on actual work results

With JP1/Navigation Platform, you can easily identify work items that need to be improved, such as time-consuming work items and work items that frequently lead to operator mistakes. By revising your work procedures, you can optimize your business operations.

Improve procedures based on actual work results

Benefits of the product

  • Operational procedures can be visualized and shared in JP1/Navigation Platform, allowing experienced operators to exchange information and expertise more easily. This is particularly beneficial for workplaces with frequent employee turnover or employee transfers, as it can help reduce the time required to train new employees.
  • By referring to the operational procedures when performing work, you can create a history of all operations performed for such work and produce this history as evidence when creating and submitting work reports.
  • You can use JP1/Automatic Operation (for automating IT operations) to automate some steps in JP1/Navigation Platform procedures to further improve efficiency and standardize the quality of your work.