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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to accelerate investigation and recovery work when a failure occurs in an IT system consolidated through the use of virtual environments or cloud services?

JP1/Operations Analytics investigates and analyzes, from various angles, the failures that might occur in IT systems that have been consolidated via the use of virtual environments and cloud services. You can use the provided tools to speed up system recovery. JP1/Operations Analytics automatically detects the applications, servers, switches, storage devices, and other managed components that make up the IT infrastructure, and then visualizes the associations between the components and the business systems that use them. As a result, when a failure occurs, you can quickly assess the impact of the failure on business systems categorized by importance and then determine an appropriate initial response based on the importance of each business system. In addition, JP1/Operation Analytics displays a list of components as candidates for analysis or other response measures, simplifying the way in which failures are handled and supporting your company's entire failure-response procedure, from investigation to recovery.

Product overview

1. Detect failures and determine their severity

When a failure occurs, you can assess the operating statuses of business systems categorized by importance and identify the systems affected by the failure. Doing so can help you more accurately determine the severity of the failure and identify which business systems to prioritize for recovery.


2. Determine the impact of failures and notify the right people

By understanding the associations between IT infrastructure components (such as applications, servers, switches, and storage devices) and the business systems you manage, you can more easily assess the impact of failures and provide timely information about business systems to the people who need to know.

E2E View

3. Analyze the causes of failures and perform recovery

Start by investigating the component causing the bottleneck. With JP1/Operations Analytics, you have easy access to all of the relevant information, allowing you to investigate the failure and analyze the cause more quickly. Furthermore, JP1/Operations Analytics helps you decide the best way to proceed with recovery, by suggesting multiple methods and estimating the impact that each method will have on operations.

Analyze Bottleneck window (Verify Bottleneck tab)

Benefits of the product

  • Even as IT infrastructure continues to change as a result of the use of virtual environments and cloud services, you can easily keep track of the configuration of your IT infrastructure and the associations between IT infrastructure components and the business systems you manage. This allows you to accelerate processes such as determining the impact of a failure and notifying the right people.
  • The information needed to identify the components responsible for bottlenecks that cause failures and to check the impact of changes made to the configuration is displayed in an easily readable format. This aids investigations that require a high level of skill and expertise.
  • When a bottleneck occurs, JP1/Operations Analytics suggests possible methods to relieve the bottleneck and estimates the likelihood that each method will work. These suggestions can give you greater confidence that a particular solution will solve your problem, greatly reducing the time until recovery.

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