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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to monitor system performance to ensure stable system operation?

JP1/Performance Management supports stable system operation throughout all phases (from when problems are identified to when they are resolved) by collecting operational information from targets that range from OSs and databases to various types of applications. You can then use information that you collected to analyze system performance. This product supports both on-premises and cloud environments and can be used to efficiently monitor a wide variety of targets without the use of specialized monitoring tools.
JP1/Performance Management's extensive array of functions includes monitoring functions that send notifications to JP1/Integrated Management when warning signs of possible problems are detected, and reporting functions that are useful for tuning and for investigating the causes of problems based on collected operational data. By continuously collecting operational data and comparing the current data against data from the past, you can identify areas that are likely to become bottlenecks. This allows you to carry out more reliable capacity planning that does not rely on guesswork.

Video introducing the product

Start monitoring your system with JP1 integrated system management

Start monitoring your system with JP1 integrated system management

Reliably monitor the operating status of virtual environments

Reliably monitor the operating status of virtual environments

Product overview

Monitor the operating statuses of servers and applications with JP1/Performance Management

Benefits of the product

  • Perform alive monitoring of the application processes and Windows services that are running on servers. You can also monitor operational information obtained by using other management tools to address various needs.
  • Start monitoring immediately by using the provided templates. By referring to the instructions provided in the Quick Guide window, you can easily reconfigure settings (including the conditions used to issue warnings and reports of abnormalities) to match the way you run your system.
  • You can use both agent-based monitoring and agentless monitoring in the same system, allowing you to customize which type is used for each server based on that server's importance.

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