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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to smoothly incorporate private cloud services in OpenStack?

JP1/Service Portal for OpenStack is a self-service portal that enables users themselves to execute operations that are performed by using private cloud services built in OpenStack. These operations can be selected from a catalog or executed via a wizard. From the dashboard, users can check how resources are being used and perform operations such as adding and deleting virtual machines. You can include an approval process to ensure that work is performed correctly, achieving controlled system operations.


Check which virtual machines are running and how resources are being used at a glance

Catalog-style display

Create virtual machines simply by selecting the desired type of virtual machine or disk from a catalog-style display


Perform operations with ease by using the wizard

Benefits of the product

  • JP1/Service Portal for OpenStack comes complete with features designed to meet a user's needs, such as an easy-to-use dashboard, a catalog of operations, wizards, and approval functions. By using this portal, you can reduce the workload that cloud operations place on both users and administrators.
  • Users can now create, change, and delete virtual machines as needed, making private cloud services even more convenient.