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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Need to handle inquiries, failures, and other Items# efficiently and via the correct processes?

JP1/Service Support centrally manages information about the processing status and progress of various issues (registered as "Items", which is a special term for issues managed in JP1) that occur in the system, such as user inquiries and failures. You can track Items from when they are registered to when they are resolved. Items can be managed in accordance with ITIL Service Support processes for incident management, problem management, change management, and release management. This allows you to clearly define the operators' roles in each process. You can quickly assess on-screen information about each Item (such its processing status and progress), and then share this information with your entire team. Inquiries received by email and failure information collected by JP1/Integrated Management can be registered automatically, ensuring that all Items that must be resolved are registered. Based on the severity and degree of impact of each Item, the priority level and deadline for handling the Item are automatically registered. This makes it easy to identify Items of high priority and reduces variation among individual operators, thereby improving control within the team.

Centrally manage Items with JP1/Service Support

Benefits of the product

  • If an Item is not processed for a certain length of time or the work deadline for an Item is approaching, the person in charge of the Item is automatically notified via email. This prevents Items from being overlooked.
  • Items from JP1/Integrated Management can be registered automatically, which not only saves time but also prevents input errors and omissions.
  • Item history information can be used as a reference, for example, when handling similar Items in the future. By checking the Item history information, you can reduce the amount of time needed to investigate how to temporarily isolate or correct the causes of failures, which leads to faster Item resolution.
  • #: An Item is an issue managed using JP1. Items include incidents, problems, changes, and release-related issues. Each Item is registered in a workflow designed to best handle that type of Item. After an Item is resolved, details about the Item can be automatically stored for future reference.