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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Learn about Hitachi's model for more efficient transfers of huge files.

Achieve fast, highly reliable data transfers via the Internet with both domestic business partners and business partners in other countries

With the spread of digitalization, there are often situations in which we need to handle large amounts of data (such as image, video, or CAD# data).
#: Computer-aided design


As we continue to handle increasingly large amounts of data, our existing methods for transferring files (such as via FTP or email attachment) are no longer sufficient. In addition to being time-consuming, such file transfer operations sometimes fail or require that large files be split into smaller files.
Furthermore, there are many risks in terms of cost and security when sending files physically (for example, by saving data to a hard disk to be sent via a courier service) or when using an external file transfer service.

Have you experienced any of the following issues?

  • It is necessary to send or receive huge files (where each file might be several hundred gigabytes in size).
  • Due to restrictions on the size of emails, some files must be split before they can be sent.
  • The failure of or delay in a file transfer operation significantly affects business.
  • Files are exchanged via external media devices.
  • It is necessary to send huge files to both domestic business partners and business partners in other countries.

With Hitachi's solutions...

With JP1/Data Highway, you can transfer, via the Internet, huge files securely and at high speeds to recipients both in your own country and in other countries.
Furthermore, by linking JP1/Data Highway with JP1/ Automatic Job Management System 3, you can automate your file transfer operations to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

JP1/Data Highway provides a platform for the high-speed, safe, and inexpensive transfer of huge files.