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Integrated Operations Management JP1

How can Hitachi help you eliminate downtime in your business systems via system monitoring?

System monitoring allows you to immediately detect any abnormalities in your systems

As systems continue to grow in size and complexity as a result of the use of cloud computing and virtualization technology, the management and stable operation of such systems is also becoming increasingly important. When a failure occurs, if the location or cause of the failure cannot be quickly identified, the effects might spread throughout the system.


Have you experienced any of the following issues?

  • Poor service performance goes unnoticed until a complaint is received.
  • Problems that occur in systems related to services are hard to identify.
  • The locations of failures and their effects on other systems cannot be quickly determined.
  • When a chain of network failures occurs, it takes a lot of time to determine the cause.
  • Operators cannot remember all of the work they need to do and the proper procedures for their work. As a result, issues are not handled efficiently.

With Hitachi's solutions...

Hitachi products help ensure the provision of stable service by allowing you to monitor your entire IT system from various aspects, for example, in terms of infrastructure, business systems, and service levels. If a problem should occur, you can resolve the problem by using windows designed to help you to quickly grasp the situation, efficiently investigate the problem, and then take the appropriate action.

Collectively monitor all logs and events that occur in your system