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Companies are struggling with issues such as cost reduction, stronger competition, and business continuity, while striving to achieve goals such as minimizing their environmental impact.
Cloud computing, big data, and smart devices are all attracting attention as technologies that can have a positive impact on today's business issues and goals.
However, for systems administrators, these technologies require advanced skills and techniques in data center operation. These necessary skills and techniques cannot be easily or quickly acquired.
By providing high-level management tools that are efficient and simple to use, Hitachi's Job Management Partner 1 Version 10 can help you overcome complex operational issues.
It provides solutions for automation, early detection of problems, identification of root causes, and unified management of PCs and smart devices. Over many years, Hitachi has gained considerable expertise in systems management and operation, and this expertise has been applied extensively in Job Management Partner 1. As a result, Job Management Partner 1 can now provide comprehensive support for your IT operations as your business advances into the future.

The product lines of Job Management Partner 1 meet diversified operational needs by supporting business from three directions.
The product lines of Job Management Partner 1 meet diversified operational needs
by supporting business from three directions.

Monitoring - View the system as a whole -

Using Job Management Partner 1, you can view the operating statuses of services and systems, and detect warning signs of potential failures before they occur.

Job Management Partner 1 monitoring products oversee the entire system from infrastructure and network, to job systems and services.
These products provide a variety of functions for maintaining and improving service performance for stable system operation.
Get answers to critical questions such as “What is happening currently?”, “Are services stable and reliable?”, and “Is the system delivering acceptable performance?” Continuous monitoring protects your business systems at all times.

Automation - Automatically operate the whole system -

Using Job Management Partner 1, you can automate IT tasks for both administration and operation. Such automation reduces human error and provides highly reliable system operation.

Job Management Partner 1 automation products allow you to plan and schedule jobs, and to execute them automatically.
They can efficiently automate even complex manual operations. The products help you build reliable, non-stop, mission-critical systems, which can be operated with increased efficiency and reduced human error.
Job Management Partner 1 automation products are broadly categorized into two types: products for automation of IT operations and products for job management.

IT Compliance - Manage and protect IT assets -

Using Job Management Partner 1, you can integrate management of IT assets, mitigate security risks, and enforce compliance with policies throughout your company.

Job Management Partner 1 IT compliance products provide tools for efficient, integrated management of a variety of IT assets even in new environments, such as those where virtual desktops and smart devices (such as smartphones and tablets) are used.
Functions for automatically collecting inventory information about managed IT assets and the Home window that displays a summary of compliance-related issues (for example, if a software license has been exceeded) help you to ensure full compliance throughout the company. You can safeguard your valuable IT assets by using these tools to mitigate security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses, and information leakage.