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Illuminate the way to Digital Smart City

Through joint ventures with a wide variety of partners and co-creation utilizing the infrastructure technologies Hitachi has cultivated to date, we respond to the diverse needs of consumers to enhance the value of cities.

The concept for a digital smart city envisioned by Hitachi is to think of it by considering people’s happiness as a starting point. By working with partners to co-create digital services utilizing the data and expertise accumulated through involvement in social infrastructure and a host of industries related to cities and daily life, and providing the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on which it is based, everyone whether living in, working in or visiting the city will shine as its central figures. This is the vision of a digital smart city overflowing with happiness that Hitachi is aspiring to create.

Hitachi has built up a global track record in taking on the issues that each city faces and pursuing a social innovation business that creates new value. The data on people and goods gained through these experiences combined with expertise spanning multiple fields is consolidated in Lumada, while IaaS is offered as a platform enabling open innovation. This foundation will also be utilized with partners to co-create a wide range of digital services that address people’s desires and diverse values such as safety and security, pleasant working environment or comfortable and fulfilling lifestyles. Digital services that improve and enrich consumers’ quality of life will boost the real estate values of a smart city and support its sustainable development.

A big picture of the Digital Smart City