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Digital Life Solution

Vision Concept

Free the potential,
Illuminate better living.

Free the potential in every person and every thing. Co-create answers to everyday
needs with the power of diversity and human-centric IoT.
Together we will illuminate the way to better living of sustainable safety, security, health and prosperity for all.

Human centric Digital solutions


Digital Smart CityDigital Smart City

Illuminate the way to Digital Smart City
Through joint ventures with a wide variety of partners and co-creation utilizing the infrastructure technologies Hitachi has cultivated to date, we respond to the diverse needs of consumers to enhance the value of cities.

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Connected CarConnected Car

Illuminate the way to Connected Car SolutionBased on collective capabilities harnessing the combination of OT, IT and products as strengths, Hitachi will build an IoV platform that involves co-creation with a variety of partners taking part in the transportation of people and goods, creating a new mobility-oriented society.

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Smart TherapySmart Therapy

Illuminate the way to Smart Therapy
Hitachi is supporting the introduction of technologies to offer cancer treatment that places a minimal burden on the body in a way that is tailored to the symptoms being experienced by each patient. By extending people's healthy lifespans, we will improve quality of life in aging societies.

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