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Illuminate the way to Connected Car Solution

Based on collective capabilities harnessing the combination of OT, IT and products as strengths, Hitachi will build an IoV platform that involves co-creation with a variety of partners taking part in the transportation of people and goods, creating a new mobility-oriented society.

Hitachi has been involved with a wide range of systems supporting transportation from automotive component products to OT for transportation systems, ensure that people and goods get from city to city and all the locations inside safely, comfortably and efficiently.
Moreover, by linking people, goods and cars with data centers and infrastructure via the Internet, we have built an IoV platform to create new value.
We have also implemented an array of developmental technologies related to autonomous driving and other fields on the IoV platform, and together with partners spanning a wide range of fields, we are pursuing the development of new services to achieve social innovation for sustainable and more fulfilling lives.

Examples of these innovations include high-detail map generation technologies to enable the practical use of autonomous driving across wide areas, data analysis technologies that analyze driving status to further enhance safety and improve driving comfort, and sophisticated autonomous driving technologies for use by commercial vehicles working in the field. Hitachi is also working on MaaS demonstration testing to improve the convenience of regional public transportation, and logistics MaaS that uses data and cloud technologies to achieve high-efficiency conveyance.
By employing this range of approaches to solve the many issues facing society and broaden spatial possibilities, we are striving to achieve a new mobility-oriented society that supports fulfilling and convenient lives.

IoV:Internet of Vehicles
OT:Operational Technology
MaaS:Mobility as a Service