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Illuminate the way to Smart Therapy

Hitachi is supporting the introduction of technologies to offer cancer treatment that places a minimal burden on the body in a way that is tailored to the symptoms being experienced by each patient. By extending people’s healthy lifespans, we will improve quality of life in aging societies.

Leveraging particle beam technologies that boast a long-running track record, Hitachi has worked to develop therapy systems. Through co-creation with a renowned hospital, Hitachi completed the world’s first spot-scanning irradiation technology and achieved operation of the world’s only proton beam and carbon ion facility, contributing to the development of cancer treatment that places a minimal burden on patients.

Moving forward, Hitachi aims to further improve the irradiation accuracy of proton beams and engage in a range of co-creation with hospitals and medical institutions in pursuit of R&D for digital solutions utilizing past diagnostic data and accumulated therapeutic expertise, creating the technologies and processes to easily provide cancer treatment tailored to the needs of each patient.

Hitachi’s smart therapy initiatives are achieved through the creation of treatment techniques that place an emphasis on patient quality of life in collaboration with medical institutions. We aim to help reduce the burden on the therapeutic environment and streamline hospital management with the use of various technologies and expertise related to IoT, databases and so on.

By providing support enabling advanced medical care to be delivered in a stable manner, we help develop a society in which even more patients can lead their lives with peace of mind. Hitachi will continue to support this field through the further evolution of medical technologies, the stable operation of medical equipment, improvements to hospital management and other advances.