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Power Electronics


STATCOM is a high-speed control system of reactive power by self commutated type converter device composed of semiconductor devices such as IGBT etc.


Feature Background technology
High-speed control performance IGBT enabling high-speed response
Operation continuation performance at system failure Realized by phase detection method which is strong for high-speed control and radio waveform distortion
High reliability and stable supply High reliability and long maintenance period by field-proven IGBT
Provide optimum solution Provide optimum solution for the customer's needs by system analysis consulting technologies

Voltage fluctuation control using STATCOM (example)

  • Voltage fluctuates due to the power fluctuation of renewable energy generation such as wind power and photovoltaic (solar) power.
  • Voltage fluctuation can be suppressed by STATCOM with the consideration of grid characteristics.

STATCOM : STATic synchronous COMpensator
SVC : Static Var Compensator
IGBT : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor