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Transmission and Distribution Systems

Prior to transmission, the electric power produced at power stations is boosted to extra-high voltage at transformers in order to reduce loss during long distance transmission. The higher the voltage, the less power is lost during transmission. The chief components of systems such as transformers, gas circuit breakers and gas insulated switchgear may have a long history, but the technologies within are constantly being improved, striving for higher voltage and greater current.

Currently, transmissions in voltages of 550 kV in Japan and 1,000 kV overseas have been put into practical use. In the high voltage and high current control field, Hitachi has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, delivering large-capacity substations that meet demands for excellent reliability to regions worldwide.

Now and in the future, as a leader in transmission and substation systems, Hitachi will continue to develop its business globally to provide a stable supply of electric power, the core of today's social infrastructure.