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Transmission and Distribution Systems

Generator Step-up Transformers (for 1,000 MW class power plant)

  • Transformers are components with a history and tradition dating back over 100 years since Hitachi was founded.
  • A wide variety of options are available with support for maximum 550 kV voltage and 1450 MVA capacity.
  • Hitachi offers support for large-scale projects of 600 tons and more according to the properties of the power source.

525kV 1450MVA Three-Phase GSU transformers

Generator Step-up Transformers

  • These transformers play a vital function in boosting the high-capacity electricity produced by the generator and transmitting it to the grid.
  • They have a long track record in large-scale power sources such as nuclear, fossil fuel, and gas turbine generation.
  • Hitachi is continuously delivering highly reliable products to power stations being built throughout the world.

380kV 865MVA GSU transformers