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Transmission and Distribution Systems

Full Turnkey Substation

  • To meet the needs of an area, Hitachi offers full turnkey contracts that include substation system design, procurement and manufacturing, and construction and installation work.
  • Since 1978, Hitachi has delivered full turnkey substations to over 200 sites in 20 countries and regions.
  • Hitachi's advantage is the wealth of expertise in the Middle East and North Africa and in Southeast Asia. Hitachi values its strong relationships of trust with customers.

380kV Full Turnkey Substation

Indoor Type Gas-Insulated Switchgear Substation

  • Transformers, gas insulated switchgear, and other main equipment are provided by the global supply chain operated by Hitachi.
  • This system handles increasing energy demand in oil-producing and emerging nations, and Hitachi engineering bases closely affiliated with the relevant markets offer constant support.
  • Prioritizing coexistence with local communities and concern for the environment, Hitachi offers substation systems with special care given to operation and maintenance.

275kV Full Turnkey Substation (external)

  • In keeping with customers' business models, Hitachi has extensive expertise in not only full turnkey but also supply of individual equipment.
  • Hitachi recommends the application of standard units or offers flexible support for unique specifications and options that vary with each market.
  • Each base is staffed with certified and factory-trained engineers who can be quickly dispatched to customer sites.

275kV Full Turnkey Substation (internal)