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Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Photovoltaic Power Generation System Outline

Block diagram of photovoltaic power generation system

1. Photovoltaic cell module

Panels convert solar energy into electrical energy (DC)

2. Mounting Structure

Support fixes photovoltaic modules at an angle

3. Junction box

Box which groups wiring from each photovoltaic module by blocks

4.Power conditioner

Equipment which converts DC power to AC power and protects grid interconnection

PCS´╝ÜPower Conditioning Systems

5.Step-up transformer

Device linking output voltage from the power conditioner to the company system


Device linking the photovoltaic power generation facilities to power company grids

7.Electricity meter

Device to measure electricity purchased and sold by electricity meter power company

About Grid Connected Systems

These systems connect to power company grids*1 by using power conditioners and step-up transformers to convert direct current from the photovoltaic cells into commercially-used alternating current.

If generation capacity is high, cells will be connected to a high-voltage grid.

Block diagram of grid interconnection system

Component package for photovoltaic power generation system

comprehensive package containing the key equipment needed for photovoltaic power generation. Simplifies engineering, procurement, and construction planning.