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Photovoltaic Power Generation System


List of PCS specifications
Rated capacity 525kVA/500kW
Insulation Transformer-less
DC input Number of inputs 2 (independent MPPT control)
Rated input voltage DC400V
Maximum voltage DC660V
Operating voltage range DC230V to 600V
Voltage range at rated output DC360V to 600V
Voltage range for MPPT operation DC230V to 600V
AC output No. of phases, lines Three-line, three-phase
Rated voltage and frequency 420V/440V
Rated output current 722A /689A
Output current distortion 5% or less total, 3% or less per phase
Output power factor Variable power factor operation: 0.85 to 1.0 lagging
Constant 1.0 power factor operation: 0.95 or higher
Output voltage suppression control:
Output power factor varies within rated capacity
Conversion efficiency (with JEC tolerances) Maximum: 98% (DC500V)
97% or higher (DC400 to 500V, 150 to 500kW)
Grid connection and protection Abnormal voltage detection Over voltage (OVR), under voltage (UVR)
Abnormal frequency Over frequency (OFR), under frequency (UFR)
Single phase operation detection Passive detection (voltage phase jump detection)
Active detection (harmonic detection)
Operating conditions Ambient temperature 0 to 40℃
Relative humidity 15% to 90% (no condensation)
Altitude 1000m or less
Structure Type Indoor free-standing panel
Dimensions (mm) 1200 (W) x 1000 (D) x 1900 (H)
Mass 1600kg
Communications Ethernet (optical) or RS485 (optical)
Display Color LCD touch panel
Design life Standard: 15 years*1
Long: 20 years*2
Options Optional PCS internal circuit for shared transformer operation
Subject to preventive maintenance being carried out (periodic inspection and replacement of parts).
Same conditions as above, but with additional parts to be replaced periodically.

Outdoor package

List of outdoor package specifications
PCS capacity 0.5MW 1.0MW
No. of PCSs 1 2
Dimensions Length (L) 4800 7250
Width (W) 2250 2250
Height (H) 2700 2700
Mass (kg)
(without equipment installed)
1900*3 2700*3
Altitude 1000m or less
Ambient temperature -10°C to 40°C
Relative humidity 15% to 100%
Snow 1m or less
Seismic strength Horizontal, vertical 9.8m/s2
Protection class IP-23W
Scope of supply Air conditioner
(Indoor unit)
(Outdoor unit)*4
(2 units)
(2 units)
(4 units)
(4 units)
Distribution panel 1
DC power collection rack 1 2
Interior lighting 1
Power socket 1
Smoke detector 1
Options Salt damage resistant version*5
Internal mini-UPS for AC100V
The weight with the PCS and other internal equipment installed is approximately 4500kg for the 0.5MW outdoor package and 8000kg for the 1.0MW outdoor package.
As the outdoor air conditioning units are delivered FOB, the customer is responsible for installation, wiring, and plumbing.
The salt damage resistant version is required for sites within 1km of the coast.


  • Read the user manuals before use and only use as instructed.
  • This product requires electrical installation. Ensure that this is performed by a qualified professional.
  • This equipment is intended for use in Japan. It may not be used outside Japan.
  • About indirect damage
    1. Use the equipment correctly and under the conditions specified in the user manuals and instructions displayed on the equipment itself. Hitachi accepts no responsibility for equipment faults or misoperation that result from disassembly or other modifications by the customer.
    2. Hitachi accepts no responsibility for indirect damage, including loss of power generation or any impact on other equipment, that results from shutdown, misoperation, or other faults on the equipment.