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Wind Turbine

Active power control

Generator output when wind velocity changes
Generator output when wind velocity changes

Locations of PCS and generator
Locations of PCS and generator

The HTW2.0-80 employs a generating system based on active power base control that is easy on power systems stability.

This generating system, based on a doubly-fed generator and secondary excitation control, employs active power control.

Abrupt fluctuations in wind velocity affect wind turbine speed, turbine output will also change in systems of general torque control. In contrast, active power base control maintains constant output. This minimizes the effects of such quick changes in wind velocity on the power system.

The system also controls its phase angle to zero, thereby eliminating the inrush current. With the generator-end output raised to 1,400V and transmission loss reduced, the PCS*1 is installed at the bottom of the tower. This permits a lighter and easier-to-maintain nacelle.

PCS: Power conditioning system