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Corporate InformationResearch & Development




International Display Workshops (IDW)Best Paper Award

  • Improvement of the Crosstalk in Autostereoscopic 3D Display Using LC GRIN Lens with High Resolution LCD


The Symposium on Phase Change Optical Information StoragePCOS2011 Best Paper Award

  • Thin-film lateral phase-change memoru driven by poly-Si MOS transistor enabling both low cost and hi-programming gigabyte-per-second throughput


R&D Magazine2011 R&D 100 Awards

  • Picometer-Resolution Quantitative Metrology Atomic Force Microscope (QM-AFM)


2011 International Conference on Solid State Devices and MaterialsSSDM 2011 Paper Award

  • Stimulated Emission in Silicon Fin Light-Emitting Diode


  • Versatile Probability-based Indexing for Approximate Similarity Search


The International Symposium on Optical Memory & Optical Data Storage Topical MeetingBest Technical Paper Award

  • Experimental demonstration of optical phase multi-level recording in microhologram

The International Symposium on Optical Memory & Optical Data Storage Topical MeetingBest Paper Award

  • Reduction of Interlayer Crosstalk in Multilayer Optical Disc by using Phase-Diversity Homodyne Detection

The OptoElectronics and Communications Conference16thOECC Best Paper Award

  • 25-Gbit/s Transmitter Using 1.3-μm Lens-integrated Surface-Emitting Laser Diode and CMOS Laser Diode Driver for Optical Interconnects


Global Access Spaces ConsortiumIEEE-ISAS2011 Best Paper Award

  • Load Balancer for High Efficient VOD System Achieving Quick Seek

Society of Automotive EngineersExcellence in Oral Presentation Award

  • Noise Reduction in Gasoline DI Engines

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.Best Paper Award

  • Correlation Between Whisker Initiation and Compressive Stress in Electrodeposited Tin-Copper Coating on Copper Leadframes


The 4th International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human InteractionsThe Best Paper Award

  • Personality and Mental Health Assessment: A Sensor-Based Behavior Analysis

IEEEISSCC2011 Service Award

  • Panelist in the Technology Roundtable Beyond the Horizon: The Next 10x Reduction in Power - Challenges and Solutions


Institute of PhysicsIOP Fellow

IEEE Consumer Electronics SocietyICCE 2011 Best Paper Award

  • Extended Variable-length Mode Coding for Enhancement of H.264/AVC

Storage Networking Industry Association(SNIA)Outstanding Contributor Award

  • 2010 SNIA Member Recognition Honorees

ACSW 2011 Organising CommitteeADC2011 Best Paper Award

  • Potentiality of Power Management on Database Systems with Power Saving Function of Disk Drives

JCAICT2011Best Paper Award

  • Development of Malicious Activity Notification Function by Packet Marking