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Academy of Science and EngineeringBest Paper Award

  • Resting Time Activeness Determines Team Performance in Call Centers

International Symposium on Semiconductor ManufacturingISSM 2012 Best Paper

  • Local overlay measurement and characterization for pitch-split double patterning process using CD-SEM

ISSM2012ISSM2012 Best Paper

  • Multi-parametric Virtual Metrology Model Building by Job-shop Data Fusion Using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method

ISSM2012ISSM2012 Best Paper

  • Real-Time Transfer Control Method for Linear Tools

IEEEYoung Award

  • Investigation of Thermal Management Method for Coil and Capacitor in Automobile ECU

IEEE Council on Electronic Design AutomationRecognition of Service Award

  • In appreciation for contributions to Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) as technical program co-chair of ISLPED 2011


International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual RealityBest Project Award

  • Augmented Reality in Safety and Communication Management on Mining Site


Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology and Symposium on Plasma Science for MaterialsINNOVATIVE PLASMA TECHNOLOGY AWARD

  • Deposition of Functional Membranes by Through-Substrate Surface Discharge

International Symposium on Optical MemoryISOM2012 Best Academic Paper Award

  • Microholographic Optical Data Storage with Spatial Mode Multiplexing


KSAEBest Paper Award (AVEC'12)

  • Evaluation of Preview G-Vectoring Control to Decelerate a Vehicle Prior to Entry into a Curve

IEEEBTAS2012 Best Reviewed Paper

  • Towards Optimal Countermeasures against Wolves and Lambs in Biometrics

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Japan ChapterIEEE EMBS Japan Young Investigators Competition for EMBS'12

  • Severity Estimation of Finger-Tapping Caused by Parkinson's Disease by Using Linear Discriminant Regression Analysis


The 11th Internationa conference on Information Science, Singnal Processing and their applications 2012Best Poster Presentation/Paper

  • Online MVBF Adaptation under Diffuse Noise Environments with MIMO based Pre-filtering

International Conference on Complex Medical EngineeringBest Student Poster Finalist

  • Development of a Palpable Carotid Pulse Pressure Sensor Using Electromagnetic Induction


TMSBest Paper-Application Award

  • Application of Mg-Zn-(Y, Gd) Alloys for Engine Pistons


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011The 2011 Diana Nyyssonen Memorial Best Metrology Award

  • High-precision edge-roughness measurement of transistor gates using three-dimensional electron microscopy combined with marker-assisted image alignment


SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association)GSI Emerald Contributors Awards

International 3D Society2012 3D Technology Awards

  • Standardization of 3D Formats over the HDMI Interface. Specification Version 1.4a

IEEEICCE 2011 Special Merit Award

  • Terabyte Holographic Recording with Monocular Architecture