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Central Research Laboratory Hitachi, Ltd.


Norihiro SUZUKI, General Manager of Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.

Today, the Hitachi Group is focusing on solving issues for customers worldwide by globally providing safe and secure social infrastructure enhanced by IT. At Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (HCRL), we will continue to support current business by taking full advantage of our three core technologies in Measurement & Analytical instruments, Electronics and Information processing. At the same time, in order to lead innovation solving fundamental issues in society, we will pursue fundamental research in the natural sciences and social sciences.
We look forward to your continuing support and cooperation.



HCRL – nestled among the natural flora of the Musashino area – was established in 1942 by the founder of Hitachi, Ltd., Mr. Namihei ODAIRA, with the mission of "Confronting today's developmental challenges as well as pursuing research for 10 to 20 years in the future." HCRL has fostered three core technologies: Measurement Technology, beginning with the electron microscope in 1942; Electronics, beginning with the transistor in 1952; and Computing, beginning with general purpose computers in 1956. These three core technologies have been fused together and further developed, contributing to Hitachi's large-scale businesses in energy generation, semiconductor devices, computers and communications. Today, we continue to strive to create new technologies in the fields of information and communication, electronics, life sciences and measurement technology.