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December 6, 2017


Successful observation of a magnetic field with the world's highest resolution of 0.67nm using an atomic-resolution holography electron microscope

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Observed magnetic field distribution within the material, Hitachi's atomic-resolution holography electron microscope

Hitachi and RIKEN today announced the development of technology to improve observation precision using Hitachi's atomic-resolution holography electron microscope, and the successful observation of magnetic field distributions within magnetic multilayer materials at a world's highest resolution of 0.67nm.

This technology enables the observation of the magnitude and direction of magnetic fields that are related to the properties of highly-functional materials, such as permanent magnets, electromagnetic steel sheets, and magnetic thin films, at a level of few atoms at the boundary of the material.

Hitachi and RIKEN are looking to contribute to the development of highly functional materials such as high-performance magnets and high-temperature superconducting materials, and progress in fundamental science, by elucidating atomic-scale magnetic phenomena.

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