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Toward a realization of service that can evaluate information credibility on the Internet, technology for estimating evidence and background information corresponding to the given summary document

Awarded first place in the precision-based evaluation*1 criterion of the National Institute of Informatics NTCIR-14 QALab competition

July 30, 2019

Detecting evidence and background of a social media post from newspaper article

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the development of technology that detects evidence and background of a given summary document such as "Matome” site (user generated contents site summarized for a specific topic) from its corresponding original document with high precision.
This technology achieved 93% precision in "NTCIR-14 QALab" task organized by National Institute of Informatics. The task is known as a competition in the field of information access technology for processing political information. This technology facilities human judgement on whether an article is based on facts or not.
In collaboration with partners, Hitachi will aim to improve the technology and to develop a service which is capable of evaluating the credibility of information on the internet, and thus to realize of a more convenient and secure society.

Besides precision, recall and f-measure are also taken as evaluation metrics in this competition. The ranking mentioned here is based on precision only.

For more information, use the enquiry form below to contact the Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd. Please make sure to include the title of the article.

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