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Photo : General Radiography Device Radnext PLUS

All examinations conducted in the radiology department are based on general radiography devices being examination devices that take x ray images of the thorax, abdomen and bones; leaving no room for error in the initial diagnosis of various conditions.

Due to the fact that there are wide varieties of imaging targets, the distance between the X ray tube and the examinee vary between positions of the orientation, angulation and height of the device. In order for technicians to conduct multiple examinations, they need to be able to easily conduct position the devices in a short amount of time.

A compilation of requests that have been drawn from hospital surveys and client hearings revealed that there is a demand to reduce the stress technicians experience due to the weight of the device impeding on maneuverability; and to improve overall throughput. Also, the ease of assisting examinees and ease of communication were also raised as important points. There is also the issue of reducing the mental stress of examinees caused by a rugged outer appearance and disturbing operating sound.

Various Positions are possible through one hand operation
Various Positions are possible through one hand operation

The one hand control grip was developed as an answer to these issues. Together with improving the operability by a high to low range operating position, free one hand operation is possible while comforting examinees with one hand operation. Also, because the operating portion can be freely rotated, it can be operated in natural hand positions without relation to the tube orientation.

As a point of reducing the feeling of weight in terms of operability improvement, the weight reduction of the cable guide tube was measured. A light-weight, flexible fiber cable bundle was developed as a deviation from the conventional heavy plastic hose, making maneuverability easier.

Improving the [sound] was a big improvement in terms of reducing the mental stress of examinees.

Through the noise control electro-magnetic lock this device reduces the harsh operating sounds. Also the exterior is designed upon a light and compact image. This type of design was evaluated and awarded the Power of Japan (Japanese Brand) Award at the [42nd Machine Design Awards] which is sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Company. It was also awarded the 6th Quiz Design Award, and the FY 2011 Good Design Award.

This product is a device for medical use so it is not sold to the general public.
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