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CT devices that are used in university hospital settings and diagnostic health clinics are medical systems used to examine various patients ranging from children to the elderly. We were able to deliver a system that alleviates a variety of "uneasy feelings" that exam patient's experience, making it possible for everyone to leave with a smile when they are finished with their examination. Considerations for that kind of CT device are designed into Hitachi's [SCENARIA].

Photo : Multi-slice CT System SCENARIA

LCD display screen example
LCD display screen example

In order to deliver a feeling of "safety" the first thing planned was the CT device's design. The bore that passes through the patient's body was enlarged to a 750mm finish that is larger than (*1) conventional machines, so that the elderly persons with physical limitation and persons with a larger physique can smoothly and easily undergo examinations in a comfortable position. Also, patients can undergo an examination in a comfortable posture on the table that features a left-right (horizontal) expandable strap.

In terms of "gentleness", it features a touch panel LCD display that guides the patient through the exam process via a [practice breath holding animation/sign language animation]; displaying an abundance of graphics so the examinee can be gently guided through the procedure. There is a screen display specially designed for children in that child friendly animal animated characters appear on the screen, giving the child the perception that he/she is looking at picture book, which allows them to relax while undergoing an exam.

Photo : Multi-slice CT System SCENARIA

The device's design is also particular in terms of its exterior color. There is a silver ring in the bore's exterior area with a glossy white color inside the ring. Moreover, the top surface of the table is gently wrapped in [smile yellow] –a common Hitachi Medco medical device color. By making the entire body look smaller, it reduces the patient's feeling of pressure, allowing them to undergo an exam in a bright environment.

In July 2010, Hitachi's multi-slice CT device [SCENARIA] was awarded the TEPIA Award; by at the 4th Kids Design Awards hosted by the Kids Design committee. The TEPIA Award is an award given to appropriate products deemed as medical system front line models.

Hitachi Medco made multi slice CT [ECLOS]
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