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Debating artificial intelligence

For a society where humans and AI grow "smarter" together

In daily life, people are sometimes confronted with issues that they are at a loss to decide one way or the other. We are working on debating artificial intelligence (AI), which instantaneously analyzes large volumes of documents related to an issue, and constructs and presents a rational argument either for or against.

Conventional artificial intelligence provides "the correct answer" based on objective facts and knowledge. In contrast, debating AI addresses issues where there is no single correct answer, clarifying the pros and cons by taking societal values into consideration. Using debating AI allows us to become aware of the rationale supporting opposite opinions or decisions to our own.

To extract reasons or grounds for an argument, debating AI uses a "Value Dictionary" which systematically organizes values as a reference, and a database that records correlation between (various) phenomena and values extracted from a large volume of text data. Further, through analysis of linguistic structure and meaning, multiple opinion materials can be extracted to provide more reliable opinions.

In future, this technology will be applied to analyze company documents and published reports to support business decision-making systems. In this way, we aim to realize a society where humans and AI grow "smarter" together through dialogue.

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