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Towards a low-power information society

The Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory was established within the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge in 1989; a first for a Japanese company. Since then we have been working closely with the University of Cambridge in fundamental physics research.

At this laboratory, the emphasis is on pursuing innovation and originality with a strong footing in theory and experimentation. To date, the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory has announced many world-first scientific results such as the realization of the single-electron memory, discovery of the Spin Hall Effect, and the observation and control of spin currents, leading the world in fundamental physics research.

Currently, research is being conducted to elucidate mechanisms of various physical phenomena by utilizing nanotechnology to leverage this knowledge for the creation of innovative new technology using spin current. In the pursuit of scientific advancement in this area, research cooperation is being actively promoted through open innovation network with world-leading research institutes including the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It is our aim to realize a low-power information society through research in areas such as low-power high performance quantum computing.

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