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Don't just be smart, go beyond smart.

Vision Design is an activity to consider how technology should relate to human life in the future for upcoming Society 5.0 advocated by the Japanese government.
Vision Design indicates speculative fiction that helps people think about compelling problems in daily life which cannot be easily solved by advanced smart technologies, as well as possible new problems that could be caused by advanced smart technologies.
Based on such speculative fiction, we will discuss concepts that go beyond “smart” to envision a super-smart society, and consider products, service, and technologies that are necessary for the social system in the future.

Vision Design involves two activities.
One is an activity to “grasp Kizashi (weak signs of changes for the future).” Based on various issues in society, we present possible changes in how people will think and act in the future, and provide an opportunity to consider new needs.
The other activity is to “envision the future” where change has already been achieved. We present problems that people might face in the future and possible solutions, and initiate discussion on an ideal social system sought by people.

Grasp Kizashi (future signs)

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Envision the future

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