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Publications List

This list does not include papers published in Japanese.
(The full list may be viewed at, if your browser supports Japanese)

Reliable Wireless Communication Technology of Adaptive Channel Diversity (ACD) Method Based on ISA100.11a Standard
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Vol.64
Improving the Overall Efficiency of Front-End Power Supplies by Surge Energy Recycling
Electrical engineering in japan Jul-13 Vol.185 No.3 Issue 3 Pages 41-48
Reluctance Torque Utility for Line-Starting Permanent Magnet Motors
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion Apr-13 Volume: 28 Issue: 4
Monolithic Ge optical emitters for photonic-electronic integration
Electrochemical Society Transactions Vol. 54 No. 1 P. 283
8 Tb/in2-class Bit Patterned Medium for Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording
Visualization of Insight Process in Concept Creation Focusing Handwriting Features
International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science、 Special Issue on Chance Discovery and Data Synthesis Vol. 4 No. 4 P.18-31
A System-on-fluidics Immunoassay Device Integrating Wireless Radio-frequency-identification (RFID) Sensor Chips
Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering Vol.118 No.3 P.344-349
High-Efficiency Phosphorescent Green Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Double-Emission Layer and Thick N-doped Electron Transport Layer
Thin Solid Films Mar-13 Vol. 554 P.27-31
Air/steam flow difference and steam wetness dependence on acoustic resonance in safety relief valves
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Sep-13 Vol.50 No.11 P.1083-1088
Development of Innovative Application Films for Silicon Solar Cells Using a Copper-Phosphorus Alloy by an Atmospheric Sintering Process
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics Oct-13 Vol. 3 No. 4 P. 1178-1183
Effects of water chemistry and potential distribution on electrochmical corrosion potential measurements in 553 K pure water
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Nov-13 Vol.50 No.11 P.1071
Security performance evaluation for the biometric template protection techniques
International Journal of Biometrics Special Issue on:"Standardisation of Biometrics: Current Status and Perspectives" Vol.5 No.1 pp.53-72 Jan. 2013
Quantum Measurement for Group Covariant State Set
Physical Review A Vol.87 No. 1 P. 012308 Jan. 2013
Towards Future Networks - a viewpoint from ITU-T
IEEE Communications Magazine Vol. 51 No.3 pp.112-118 Mar. 2013
Application of maximum entropy method to semiconductor engineering.
Entropy Vol.15 No.5 P.1663 Apr. 2013
Open the Way to Future Networks: A Viewpoint Framework from ITU-T
FIA Book 2013 pp.27-38 May 2013
Generating alternative process plans for complex parts
CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, CIRP 63rd General Assembly Vol.62/1 pp.453 Aug. 2013
A 20 Gb/s Inductorless CMOS Optical Receiver for Short-Distance VCSEL-based 850nm Optical Links
Journal of "Analog Integrated circuits and signal processing" DOI:10.1007/s10470-013-0118-7 Aug. 2013
Characterization of Radiation From PCB-Chassis System Using Screw Current As Stimulus
IEEE Transactions on EMC Vol.56 No.2 pp.475-481 Sep. 2013
Minimax Strategy in Quantum Signal Detection with Inconclusive Results
Physical Review A Vol. 88 No.3 P. 032314 Sep. 2013
Probabilistic Enhancement of Approximate Indexing in Metric Spaces
Elsevier Information Systems Vol.38 No.7 pp.1007-1018 Oct. 2013
Risk-aware Data Replication to Massively Malti-sites against Widespread Disasters
The Rangsit Journal of Information Technology (RJIT)ISIE 2104 International Symposium on Industrial Electronics Vol.1No.2 pp. 22-28 Dec. 2013
Generation/recovery mechanism of defects responsible for the permanent component in negative bias temperature instability
Journal of Applied Physics Vol.113 No.15 pp.154501 Mar. 2013
International Journal of Transport Phenomena Dec-13 Vol.13 No.3 pp.163-169
Heat Transfer Performance of Loop Thermosyphon using Enhanced Boiling and Condensation Surfaces
Transaction on Control and Mechanical Systems Dec-13 Vol.2 No.12 pp.432-435
Low Temperature Synthesis of α-Alumina with a Seeding Technique
ISRN Ceramics Nov-13 Volume 2013 Article ID 317830 5 pages
Analysis of wear behavior and graphitization of hydrogenated DLC
Wear May-13 Vol.305 No.5 P.124-128
Multi-Objective Optimization of Three-Dimensional Blade Shape for an Axial Compressor Rotor in Transonic Stage
International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems (JGPP) Dec-13 Vol.5 No.1
Modeling of Ultrasonic Guided-Wave Reflection from a Discontinuity in a Plate Structure
Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering (JSMME) Dec-13 Vol.7
Modeling of the Dynamic Characteristics of Spring-Operated Gas Circuit Breakers
Journal of System Design and Dynamics Dec-13 Vol. 7 No. 4 P.456-471
Effect of Non-Condensable Gas Leakage on Long Term Cooling Performance of Loop Thermosyphon
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control Dec-13 Vol.3 No.4 P.131-135
Content Repurposing Platform Utilizing Metadata Extracted From Rich Media
International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems pp.950-957 Dec.2013
Evaluation of life cycle CO2 emissions for cloud computing
EcoDesign 2013 Dec. 2013
Development of the Two-sludge Wastewater Treatment System to Utilize Denitrifying Phosphate Accumulating Organisms
Journal of Water and Environment Technology Oct-13 Vol.11 No.5 P.367-375
Updating Kriging Response Surface Models Based on the Hypervolume Indicator in Multi-Objective Optimization
ASME/Journal of Mechanical Design Sep-13 Vol. 135 No. 9 P. 114
Real-Time Transfer Control Method for Linear Tools
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing Vol.26 No.3 pp.368-377 Aug. 2013
Enhanced Scattered Light Imaging of Nanoparticles by Controlling the Polarization Distribution with Photonic Crystals
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Regular paper Vol.52 No.5 pp.052001-1_052001-6 May 2013
A Design Tool for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Gradient Coils Using
IEEE Transaction on Magnetics Dec-13 Vol. 49, No.12
Relationship Between Impact Velocity of Al2O3 Particles and Deposition Efficiency in Aerosol Deposition Method
Jornal of Thermal Spray Technology Vol.22 No.8 pp.1267-1274 Dec. 2013
Evaluation for the Mixing Performance of a Microreactor with Inline Measurement
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Nov-13 Vol.46 No.11 P.770
Proposal of Data-Centric Network for Mobile and Dynamic Machine-to-Machine Communication
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications Vol.E96-B No.11 pp.2795-2806 Nov.2013
Development of a Suppression Method for Deposition of Radioactive Cobalt after Chemical Decontamination: Application of a Ferrite Film Formation Process to an Actual Plant
Nuclear science and engineering Oct-13 Vol. 175 No. 2 P. 135
Experimental Evaluation of Triple-Stage-Actuator System with Thermal Actuator for Hard Disk Drives
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing' Oct-13 Vol. 7 No. 4 P. 722-735
Corrosion improvement of oxidized Co by silane thin films in neutral solution
ECS Transaction Oct-13 Vol 53 (33)
Reconstruction method of homogenized cross sections
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Sep-13 Vol. 50 No. 10 P. 1011
Microstructure of metallic copper nanoparticles/metallic disc interface in metal–metal bonding using them
Surface and Interface Analysis Sep-13 Vol.45 No.9 P.1424-1428
1 Tbit/inch2 Recording in Angular-Multiplexing Holographic Memory with Constant Signal-to-Scatter Ratio Schedule
JJAP 52 (2013) 09LD01pp.1-4 Sep. 2013
Optical-Thermo-Transition Model of Reducation in On-Resistance of Small GaN p-n Diodes
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (2013) 08JN10
Determination of Lateral Extension of Extrinsic Photon Recycling in p-GaN by Using Transmission-Line-Model Patterns Formed with GaN p-n Junction Epitaxial Layers
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (2013) 08JN22
Propagation Analysis Using Plane Coupler for 2D Wireless Power Transmission Systems
Experimental Verification of a model for the Liquid-cooled Staggered Pinfin Heatsinks with Top Bypass Flow
Journal of Energy and Power Engineering (ISSN 1934-8975) Aug-13 Vol. 7 No.8 PP.1487-1495
Comparison of Staged Combustion Properties between Bituminous Coals and a Low-Rank Coal ; Fiber-shaped Crystallized Carbon Formation, NOx emission and Coal Burnout Properties at Very High Temperature
Combustion and Flame Aug-13 Vol. 162 No. P.2221-2230
Does the aquatic invertebrate nipple array prevent bubble adhesion?: an experiment using nanopillar sheets
Biology Letters Aug-13 Vol. 9 No. P.20130552
In Situ Total-reflection XAS Study on LiCoO2 Electrode/Electrolyte Interface of a Lithium-ion Batteries
SPring-8 Research Frotiers 2012 JASRI/SPring-8 Aug-13 Vol. No. P.112
Reduction in Viscosity of Quasi-2D-Confined Resin through the Addition of Fluorine-Containing Monomers: Shear Resonance Study
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Aug-13 Vol.5 No.16 P.7661-7664
Multiparametric Virtual Metrology Model Building by Job-Shop Data Fusion Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing Vol.26 No.3 pp.319-327 Aug. 2013
Light-Propagation-Efficiency Evaluation Method by Using a Pinhole for Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
8-Tb/in2-Class Bit-Patterned Medium for Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording
Evaporation Heat Transfer Characteristics of Porous Surface Supplied with Water Thin Film
The 23rd International Symposium on Transport Phenomena Jul-13 Vol.13 No.3 P.163-169
Low-Power Drive Method for MIM-Cathode Displays
IEEE Journal of Display Technology Jul-13 Vol.9 No.7 P.565-571
Stability of deflected-beam metal-insulator-metal tunneling cathodes under high acceleration voltage
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B Jul-13 Vol.31 No.4 P.042203
Intelligent system of the EV smart charging based on PV curve analysis
ISAP 2013 Jul. 2013
Microtesla NMR Measurement of Protons and Fluorine Nuclei Using a SQUID Gradiometer
Consideration on of current and coil block placements with good homogeneity for MRI magnets using trunctaed SVD
IEEE Transaction on Magnetics Jun-13 Vol. 49
Head-Positioning Control System Using Thermal Actuator in Hard Disk Drives
Microsystems Technologies Jun-13 DOI 10.1007/s00542-013-1843-7
The critical current of REBCO coated conductors and experimental observation of delamination due to the screening current at 4.2 K
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Jun-13 Vol.23 No.3 P.6602904
Numerical Analysis of Sound in Main Steam Stop Valve, and Attempt for Sound Suppression
Journal of Fluid Science and Technology Jun-13 Vol.8 No.1 P.120-135
Production of Sheet-Like Hydroxyapatite Particles Using a Microreactor
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Jun-13 Vol. 83 No. 11
Fabrication of transparent self-supporting alumina films by homogeneous precipitation process
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan Jun-13 Vol. 121 No.1414 P.494
Investigation of Data Exploration Method for Thermal-fluid Simulation Results using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Journal of Computational Science and Technologies Jun-13 Vol.7 No.2 P.168
Influence of normal and shear strain on magnetic anisotropy enery of hcp cobalt: an ab initio study
Journal of Materials Research Jun-13 Vol. 28 No.12
A Method for Eliminating Metadata Cache Deallocation Latency in Enterprise File Servers
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Vol.49 No.6 pp.2504-2509 Jun. 2013
Stress Corrosion Cracking Initiation Model of Structural Materials Used in BWR for Optimized Water Chemistry Control
J. Nuclear Science and Technology May-13 Vol.50 No.5
Low-temperature bonding of silver derived from silver-oxide particles to nickel
Materials Transactions May-13 Vol.54 No.6 P.1063
Overcharge Protection Effect of Cyclohexylbenzene and New Overcharge Protection Agent for Lithium Ion Batteries
ECS May-13 Vol.45No.29P.67
Load rejection tests and their dynamic simulations with a 150 kW class microsteam turbine
ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power May-13 Vol.135 No. P.52301-1 - 52301-8
A model to evaluate flame propagation velocity for pulverized coal particles
Energy & Fuels May-13 Vol. 27 No. P.1661-1667
A Platform for Tenant Network Provisioning with Provisoioning Template
The Fifth IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet 2013 pp. 1167-1170 May 2013
Improvement in the Yield of an Equilibrium Esterification Reaction Using a Microreactor for Water Separation
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Apr-13 Vol.46 No.4 P.313-318
Yield Improvement of Photoreactions with Effective Microreactors Using Black Aluminum Oxide Channel Substrates
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Apr-13 Vol.46 No.4 P.307-312
Spray Atomization Study on Multi-hole Nozzle for Direct Injection Gasoline Engines
SAE International Apr-13 2013-01-1596
Microstructures and Thermal Properties of Cold Sprayed Cu-based Composite Coatings
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Apr-13 DOI : 10.1007/s11666-013-9926-7
Model-Based Methodology for Air Charge Estimation and Control in Turbocharged Engines
SAE Technical Paper Series Apr-13 2013-01-1754
Transfer Film Formation Mechanism of Polytetrafluoroethylene: A Computational Chemistry Approach
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Apr-13 Vol. 117 No. 20 P. 10464-10472
Contactless Liquid-Level Measurement With Frequency-Modulated Millimeter Wave Through Opaque Container
Development of Simulation Techniques for Mechanical Strength of Nanocomposite Insurating Materials
IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials Mar-13 Vol. 133 No. 3 P.81-84
Effects of ZrO2 Coating on LiCoO2 Thin-film Electrode studied by In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Journal of The Electrochemical Society Mar-13 Vol. 160 No. 5 P. A3054
Optimal Design of a Damped Arbor for Heavy Duty Machining of Giant Parts
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design Systems and Manufacturing Vol.7 No.2 pp.171-186 Mar. 2013
Correlation Power Analysis and Countermeasure on the Stream Cipher Enocoro-128 v2
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences Vol.E96-A No.3 pp.697-704 Mar.2013
An Aspect-Oriented CPU Resource Reservation Framework Integrated in MDE Tools
8th International Workshop on Advanced Modularization Techniques (AOAsia/Pacific 2013) Mar. 2013
Video Watermark Application for Embedding Recipient ID in Real-Time-Encoding VoD Server
2013, JOURNAL OF REAL-TIME IMAGE PROCESSING, Springer, (DOI)10.1007/s11554-013-0335-4 Mar. 2013
Electron-Trap and Hole-Trap Distributions in Metal/Oxide/Nitride/Oxide/Silicon Structures
Chemical Patterns for Directed Self-Assembly of Lamellae-Forming Block Copolymers with Density Multiplication of Features
Macromolecules Feb-13 Vol.46 No.4 P.1415
Multiaxial Low Cycle Fatigue for Ni-base Single Crystal Super Alloy at High Temperature
Advanced Structured Materials Feb-13 Vol.19
Deterioration Diagnosis Method for Ball Bearings that Continue Minute Swaying Motion
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing Feb-13 Vol.7 No.1 P.30-38
Directed self-assembly of ultra-high density patterns by POSS-containing block copolymer
SPIE Newsroom Micro/Nano Lithography Feb-13 10.1117/2.1201301.004546
Exact Power Analysis of Unified Code over Generalized Mersenne Prime Fields
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences Vol.E96-A No.2 pp.618-625 Feb. 2013
Evaluating Strength of Adhesive Interface between Metal and Resin in Resin-Molded Structures
Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Jan-13 Vol. 7(2013) No. 1 P.54-64
Novel Fuse Scheme with a Short Repair Time to Maximize Good Chips per Wafer in Advanced SoCs
IEICE Transactions on Electronics Vol.E96-C No.1 pp.108-114 Jan. 2013
Random Sampling Reduction with Precomputation
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals, Special Section on Cryptography and Information Security Vol.E96-A No.1 pp.150-157 Jan. 2013
A Driveless Read System for Permanently Recorded Data in Fused Silica
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (2013) 09LA02
Evaluation of Growth and Cleaning Rates of Chamber-Wall Deposition during Silicon Gate Etching
e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology
Mapping of phase distribution in electron holography with a stage-scanning system
Materials Science Forum Vol.750 (2013) pp152-155
Silicon Mold Etching with Hard Mask Stack Using Spherical Structure of Block Copolymer for Bit-Patterned Media with 2.8 Tbit/in.2
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (2013) 086201
Prism-based Spectral Imaging of Four Species of Single-molecule Fluorophores by Using One Excitation Laser
J. Fluoresc (2013) 23:591-597
A NIRS-fMRI investigation of prefrontal cortex activity during a working memory task
NeuroImage 83 (2013) 158-173
The efficient fabrication of corneal epithelial cell sheets by controlling oxygen concentration
Experimental Eye Research 116 (2013) 434-438
Fabrication of transplantable corneal epithelial and oral mucosal epithelial cell sheets using a novel temperature-responsive closed culture device