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Publications List

Method of consumers' preference analysis based on personal purchase history for service improvements in retailer.
Serviceology for Smart Service System
Sound Intensity Transfer Path Analysis and its Application to Analyze the Acoustics in Vehicle Interior
Noise Control Engineering Journal Vol. 66 No. 3
Experimental study on elemental behaviors in fluorination of nuclear spent fuel with flame reactor
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Vol.53 No.4 P.513-520 Oct-2015
Size-Selective Harvesting of Extracellular Vesicles for Strategic Analyses Towards Tumor Diagnoses
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vol.182 No.2 P.609-623
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Vol. 10 No. 20 P. 9846-9852
Method of Improving Image Sharpness for Annular Illumination Scanning Electron Microscopes
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 55 06GD02
Improving gas diffusivity with bi-porous flow field in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol.41 pp.13180-13189
Evaluation of Chronic Toxicity of Water using Human Normal Cells
Journal of Water and Environment Technology Vol.14 No.3 P.135-140
Modeling of Local Dielectric Charging-up during SEM Observation
Nov/Dec 2015 issue of the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B Vol.33 No.6
Optimization Method for Inspection Scheduling of Power Distribution Facilities
IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery Issue99
Single-molecule detection of proteins with antigen-antibody interaction using resistive-pulse sensing of submicron latex particles
Applied Physics Letters Vol. 108
Constructing a Site for Publishing Open Data of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry - A Practice for 5-Star Open Data -
New Generation Computing Vol.34 No.4 P.341-366
Magnetic Design Method of Non-Axisymmetric Yoke Shapes for MRI Magnets
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Dec-15 Vol. 51 No. 12 P.7210005
Cancelable Biometrics and Data Separation Schemes
Biometric Security - Cambridge Scholars Publishing Feb. 2015
Crystallinity Improvement of Ge Waveguides Fabricated by Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 55 P. 04EH06
Quest for Equation of Life: Scientific Constraints on How We Spend our Time
Global perspective on service science by Springer
Reduction of thermal conductivity in MnSi1.7 multi-layered thin films with artificially inserted Si interface
Applied Physics Letters Vol.109 P.063104
Simultaneous Tc-99m and I-123 dual-radionuclide imaging with a solid-state detector based brain-SPECT system and energy-based scatter correction
EJNMMI PhysicsVol.3 No.1 P.1-18
Linear Information Transfer of 25.5 nm-1 in a 1 MV Field-Emission Transmission Electron Microscope
Microscopy Vol.65 No.4 P.378
100-layers recording in fused silica for semi-permanent data storage
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.54 09MC02
Combined plasma and tissue proteomic study of atherogenic model mouse: approach to determine molecular determinants in atherosclerosis development
Journal of Proteome Research Vol. 14 No. 10 P. 4257-4269
Analysis of Accident Potential from Driving Behaviors
International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research DOI 10.1007/s13177-016-0132-0
Improvement of OPC model accuracy by hybrid OPC modeling and shrink correction technique for 10-nm node process
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS Vol. 15 No. P.034002
Intercalation Compounds as Inner Reference Electrodes Enable Reproducible and Robust Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes
Angewandte Chemie Vol. 55 P. 4831
Role of surface-reaction-layer formed by high-aspect-ratio etching of poly-Si/SiO2 stacks
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 55 No. 6S2 P. 06HB02-1
Vertical flow array chips identify reliable cell types from single-cell mRNA sequencing experiments
Scientific Reprots
Application of the Resource-renewable Boiling Water Reactor for TRU Management and Long-Term Energy Supply
Nuclear Back-end and Transmutation Technology for Waste Disposal Jan-15 P.141-154
Prevention of Dielectric Breakdown of Nanopore Device by Charge Neutralization
Scientific Reports, Vol.5 Article number:17819, December 2015
Room temperature operation of bulk type All-solid-state Lithium secondary battery with LiBH4-LiI solid electrolyte
Solid state ionics, Vol.285 P.96-100, August 2015
7.2 Tb/s optical interconnction using small size optical transceiver module and high-density optical wiring
Transaction on Electron Optics Vol.1 No.2 pp.19-23 Aug. 2015
Modified Interface State Charge Model for 4H-SiC Power MOSFETs
Electron Device Letters, Vol. 36 No. 5 P.490, May 2015
Static and Switching Characteristics of 3.3-kV Double Channel-Doped SiC Vertical JFET in Cascode Configuration
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 54 No. P.04DP15, April 2015
Aperture Shape Dependencies in Extended Depth of Focus for Imaging Camera by Wavefront Coding
Optical Review Vol.22 pp.9-18 Jan. 2015
Position-sensitive Gene-expression Analysis of a Plant Tissue combined with a Micro-gram Dissection Method by Micro-needles
Plant and Cell Physiology PCP-2015-E-00182.R1
Protein engineering of DNA ligases
Archaea Vol. 2015 Article ID 267570
Real-space observation of short-period cubic lattice of skyrmions in MnGe
Nano Letter Vol.15 No.8 P.5438-5442
Mass Spectra Separation for Explosives Detection by Using an Attenuation Model
IEICE Transactions on Communications Vol. E98 No. 9
TCAD Simulation of Current Filamentation in Adjacent IGBT Cells under Turn-On and Turn-Off Short Circuit Condition
Microelectronics Reliability Vol.55 P.1976-1980
Design of Aggregate Structures for Molecular Capture By Using Molecular-cluster-assembly Method
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations
Real-space observation of short-period cubic lattice of skyrmions in MnGe
Nano Letters Vol.15 No.8 P.5438-5442
Effects of local radiolysis and geometric parameters on intergranular attack caused by crevice corrosion
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Mar-15 Vol.52 No.5 P.651-659
A Dimming Method for Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Using a Resonant Inverter Operating at Fixed Switching Frequency
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Apr-15 Vol.30 No.4 P.2253—P.2261
Evaluation of Stability of Charged Lithium-rich Layer-structured Cathode Material at Elevated Temperature
Electrochimica Acta Apr-15 Vol.169 P.310-316
Photoalignment of an Azobenzene-Based Chromonic Liquid Crystal Dispersed in Triacetyl Cellulose: Single-Layer Alignment Films with an Exceptionally High Order Parameter
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces May-15 Vol.7 No.21 P.11074-11078
Quick Response Technique in Simplified Position Sensorless Vector Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications May-15 Vol.4 No.5 P.582-588
The Concept of Passive Cooling Systems for Inherently Safe BWRs
E-Journal of Advanced Maintenance May-15 Vol.7 No.1 P.90 - 95
Effect of Pressure Balance between Multi-stages on Part-load Performance of Centrifugal Compressor for Turbo Chiller
Journal of Fluid Science and Technology Jun-15 Vol.10 No.1 JFST0010
Fundamental study of molten pool depth measurement method using an ultrasonic phased array system
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Jun-15 Vol.54 07HC03
Tribo-catalytic Reaction of Polytetrafluoroethylene Sliding on an Aluminum Surface
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Jun-15 Vol.119 No. 28 P.15954-15962
High-Safety Fast Reactor Core Concepts to Improve Transmutation Efficiency of Long-Lived Radioactive Waste
Energy Procedia Jul-15 Vol.71 P.97-105
Minimum Current Start-up Method by Combined Use of Two Position-Sensorless Controls
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications Jul-15 Vol. 51 No. 4 P.3086 - 3093
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Methods for Welds in Bogie Frames of Railway Vehicles
Insight Jul-15 Vol.57 No.7 P.382-388
Suppression of cell-spreading and phagocytic activity on pillared surface
Developmental & Comparative Immunology Jul-15 Vol.12 P.82-88
Fundamental study on compact absorptiometer for water quality testing
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design、 Systems、 and Manufacturing Aug-15 Vol. 9 No. 3 JAMDSM0033
Journal of Imaging Science and Technology Aug-15 Vol.59 No.4 P.040501-1
Origin of Hysteresis between charge and discharge processes in lithium-rich layer-structured cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Journal of Power Sources Aug-15 Vol.298 P.144-149
Reduction in rolling tilt of objective lens actuators for optical disc drives
Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics Sep-15 Vol.23 No.3 P.504-509
Axial Mixing with Spiral-Shaped Channel Micromixer
Journal of Fluid Science and Technology Sep-15 Vol.10 No.2 P.JFST0012
Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Pentaerythritol Hexanoate: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Refrigerant-Lubricant Oil System
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Sep-15 Vol. 119 No. 37 P.12274-80
Coil Block Designs with Good Homogeneity for MRI Magnets Based on SVD Eigenmode Strengths
IEEE Transaction on Magnetics Oct-15 Vol.51 No.10 P.7002713
Electrochemical Properties of Li2+xFe0.5-x/2Mn0.5-x/2Si1-xVxO4 (x = 0、 0.1、 0.2、 0.3 and 0.4)
Journal of Power Sources Oct-15 Vol.294 P.312-316
Plant system and required water pool capacity for large scale BWRs with inherenly safe technologies
Mechanical Engineering Journal Oct-15 Vol.2 No.5 P.15-00073
Improvement of Extraction Efficiency Using a Microdevice
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Nov-15 Vol.48 No.11 P.915-921
Study of Factors Influencing Non-uniform Gas-liquid Distribution in the Refrigerant Distributor in an Air Conditioner
Journal of Fluids Engineering Nov-15 Vol.137 No. 11
Journal of Laser Application Nov-15 Vol.27 No.4
Effect of Composition of Transition Metals on Stability of Charged Li-rich Layer-structured Cathodes、 Li1.2Ni0.2-xMn0.6-xCo2xO2 (x=0、 0.033、 and 0.067)、 at High Temperatures
Electrochimica Acta Dec-15 Vol. 186 P.591-597
Iterative methods for finding optimal quantum measurements under minimum-error and minimax criteria
Physical Review A Vol. 91, 012318 Jan. 2015
Finding optimal measurements with inconclusive results using the problem of minimum error discrimination
Physical Review A Vol.91 P. 022331 Feb. 2015
Polymer Optical Waveguide Lens with Large Optical Coupling Tolerance by Segmented Waveguide Structure
In-situ EPR detection of reactive oxygen species in adherent cells using a polylysine-coated glass plate
Applied Magnetic Resonance May 2015
Generalized quantum state discrimination problems
Physical Review A Vol. 91 No. 5 P. 052304 May 2015
Motor Stator with Thick Rectangular Wire Lap Winding for HEVs
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications Vol.51 No.4 pp.2917-2923 Jul. 2015
Forward Wave Analysis of PCB Power Supply Planes above 1GHz
IEICE Transactions on Communications Vol. E-98-B No.7 pp.1196-1203 Jul. 2015
New Optical Modeling and Optical Compensation for Mechanical Instabilities on Holographic Data Storage System using Time Averaged Holography
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.54 No.9S p.09MA01 Jul. 2015
Decoupling Direct Tracking Control for Multilayer Disk with a Separated Guide Layer
JJAP Vol. 54 Article ID: 09MB03 Aug. 2015
Analysis of vibration effects on holographic data storage system
JJAP Vol.54 No.9 Aug. 2015
Rotationally Symmetric Wavefront Coding for Extended Depth of Focus with Annular Phase Mask
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.54 No.09ME03 Aug. 2015
High Speed Milling Processes with Long Oblique Cutting Edges
Journal of Manufacturing Processes(JMP) Vol. 19 Aug. 2015
Recent Issues and Advances in Research on Supply Chain Network Design
Optimization in the Real World Sep. 2015
Study on the Feasibility of Smart-Banknotes
Journal of Information Processing Vol.23 No.5 pp.633-645 Sep. 2015
Study on of individual traps in metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors by means of thermally stimulated threshold voltage shift
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Oct. 2015
Bridging the Gap between Tenant CMDB and Device Status in Multi-Tenant Datacenter Networking
IEICE Transactions on Communications Vol.E98-B No.11pp.2132-2140 Nov. 2015
Effects of Bonding Conditions on Bondability Using Zn/Al/Zn Clad Solder
Journal of electronics material Vol. 44 No.12 pp.4769-4778 Dec. 2015
Verification of automatic coagulant dosage control technology based on aluminum concentration at a water purification plant
Journal of Water Science and Technology Jan-15 Vol.15 No.1 P.26-33
Design method for a thin uniform direct backlight using a diffuser plate with a pattern on the surface
Aplied Optics Jan-15 Vol.54 Issue 3 P.482-491
Reliability of sintered silver layer obtained using silver-oxide paste in power cycling test
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Jan-15 Vol.54,10302
Cost effective railway signalling by wireless communication among onboard controllers and switch controllers
Intelligent Transport Systems, IET Feb-15 Vol.9, Issue1, p.67-74
Multi-objective optimization of water-cooled pinfin heatsinks
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Feb-15 Vol.81 pp.760-766
High efficiency bidirectional DC-DC converter topologies for energy storage systems using high energy density batteries
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences Feb-15 vol.E98-A No.2 P460-465
Three-dimensional time-averaged void fraction distribution measurement technique for BWR thermal hydraulic conditions using an X-ray CT system
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Mar-15 Vol.52 No.3 P.388
Fabrication of Orientaion-Defined High-Density Gold Nanorod Array by Chemically Directed Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymer
Journal of Materials Chemistry C Mar-15 Vol.3 No.12 P.2837
Analysis for formation of current path in the superconducting joint between Nb-Ti wires with the solder matrix replacement method
Superconductor Science and Technology Mar-15 Vol.28 No.4 P.045019
Investigation of cobalt buildup behavior and suppression by zinc injection on stainless steel under HWC conditions using simultaneous continuous measurements of corrosion and cobalt buildup
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Apr-15 Vol. 52, No. 4, P.588-595
Effect of an Electrolyte Additive of Vinylene Carbonate on the Electronic Structure at the Surface of a Lithium Cobalt Oxide Electrode under Battery Operating Conditions
Journal of Physical Chemistry C Apr-15 Vol.119 P.9791-9797
Corrosion Improvement of Oxidized Co by Silane Thin Films in Neutral Solution
ECS Transaction Apr-15 Vol.64 No.26 P.45-56
Estimation of Vapor Quality at Compressor Suction of Air Conditioner
Journal of Energy and Power Engineering Apr-15 Vol. 9, No. 4, P. 367
Individual Cylinder Control for Air-Fuel Ratio Cylinder Imbalance
SAE Technical Paper Apr-15 DOI:10.4271/2015-01-1624
New Bonding Technique Using Copper Oxide Materials
Materials Transactions May-15 Vol. 56 No.6 P878-882
Heating technique of slag-tapping hole in high-temperature coal gasifier
Fuel processing technology Oct-15 Vol.138 P.100-108
Concurrent fNIRS-fMRI measurement to validate a method for separating deep and shallow fNIRS signals by using multidistance optodes
Neurophotonics Vol. 2, No. 1, P. 015003 Jan-Mar 2015
Interdiffusion of magnesium and iron dopants in gallium nitride
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54, 035502 Feb 2015
A Model-Checking Approach for Fault Analysis Based on Configurable Model Extraction
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems Vol.E98-D No.6 pp.1150-1160 Jun. 2015