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Secure ID-Management for Social Security and Tax Number System

— Presentation at ICEGOV 2013 and nominated for Best Experience Papers —

November 14, 2013

Report from Presenter

International Conference on Theory and Practice of electronic Governance (ICEGOV 2013) was held in the SEOUL/KOREA from October 22 to 25, 2013. ICEGOV is an international conference series, established by the United Nations University in 2007, with the aim of bringing together practitioners, developers and researchers from government, academia, industry, non-governmental organizations and UN organizations to share the latest in theory and practice of Electronic Governance.

We made a presentation entitled "Secure ID-Management for Social Security and Tax Number System".

Fig. 1 Fault-Tree Analysis

The Japanese government will adopt the Social Security and Tax Number System in order to (1) enhance the social security to people who truly need it, (2) achieve the fairness of burdens such as the payment for income tax, and (3) develop the efficiency in administration.

The administration submitted the legislation during the session of the Diet in 2013, and the Diet passed a bill to introduce the numbering system in May 24. Under the plan, the government would assign new-personal-number to individuals from fall of 2015 and manage their income, social security and tax information in an integrated manner from January 2016.

In existing systems of Japanese governmental agencies, however, personal information is managed by using existing identifiers. Governmental agencies need a mechanism to manage correspondence between "new-personal-numbers" and "existing identifiers". The Social Security and Tax Number System is beneficial, but it is necessary to consider how to prevent abuse of the system.

Fig. 2 ID-management device

To prevent any abuse of the system, we evaluate the Japanese Social Security and Tax Number System by fault-tree analysis (FTA). As a result of FTA, following new countermeasures are important in the system.

  1. Efficient audit methods for huge public systems
  2. Physical security for data-management equipments
  3. Secure data management

Based on the analysis result, we developed a secure device which manages IDs such as Social Security and Tax Number.

Our paper has been nominated to the Best Paper Awards for the "Completed Experience" category.


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