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March 22, 2013

Report from Presenter

The 5th edition of ACM workshop on Mobile Video (MoVid'13) was held in conjunction with ACM Multimedia System Conference in Oslo, Norway, February 27 – March 1, 2013 at University of Oslo. Over seventy participants, who were practitioners and academic researchers came from Europe, USA, Singapore and Japan etc. They discussed heavily about various topics including application-specific techniques that adapt to the underlying network and device architectures.

Photo 1 Conference place, University
of Oslo

Photo 2 Presentation scene

Hitachi's Yokohama Research Laboratory made a presentation titled "A Method for Detecting Watermarks in Print using Smart Phone -- Finding No Mark"

Fig.1 System image

Photo 3 Experiment scene
Note that the test image used in the
presentation was replaced.

A method has been developed for detecting watermarks using a smartphone. A smartphone with a reader application based on this method and held over a watermarked printed image can detect a watermark in the image and use it to obtain corresponding product information. See Fig. 1.

To reduce the computational complexity of a full search for each possible geometrical correction of the image, the locations where watermarks are not embedded are determined in advance. The proposed method can quickly correct images geometrically because the geometric compensation uses only a few small regions of the image. The computational complexity of finding specific regions where watermarks are not embedded is theoretically the same order as that of the previous method for finding specific region in where calibration-purpose watermarks are embedded. Image quality is maintained by not embedding watermarks for such calibration purposes. System testing demonstrated that the developed method is practical under the constraint that the camera must be positioned within a restricted search range with respect to the printed image.

At the conference, I had valuable discussions with practitioners and get valuable knowledge about the up-to-date implementation techniques for the smart phone, etc.

(By YAMADA Takaaki)

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  • Takaaki Yamada and Motoki Kamitani: "A Method for Detecting Watermarks in Print using Smart Phone -- Finding No Mark", in Proc of 5fh ACM Workshop on Mobile Video ((MoVid 2013), pp.49-54 (2013).
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