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October 1, 2013

Report from Presenter

The 6th International Conference on Tube Hydro forming (TUBEHYDRO2013) was held in Korea, Jeju during August 25-28 2013. TUBEHYDRO2013 is one of the international conference about plastic deformation. More than 100 issues were presented by researchers from various centuries in every 2 years.

Fig. 1 Schematic drawing of conventional tube


In this year, about 100 issues were presented with Tube Hydroforming, Sheet forming and General forming and so on. The manufacturing technology of automotive industry field was a key technology for producing light weight components to realize low carbon society.

A researcher at Yokohama Research Laboratory (YRL), Hitachi, Ltd., presented about "Effect of Clearance between Roller and Chuck on Formability in Tube Spinning without Mandrel for Convex Shape".

I introduced the contents of presentation briefly as follows:

Tube spinning is a useful technology for diversified small-quantity cylindrical production (Fig. 1). The conventional tube spinning consist with roller, chucks and mandrel. The roller moves several directions following mandrel shape and the mandrel shape is transferred on tube. In case of forming necking and closing shape on tubes, the mandrel does not necessary. However, convex shape, the edge of radius is larger than the center of radius on tube, is difficult to form by tube spinning without mandrel.

Therefore, in this study, we used finite element analysis to investigate tube spinning without a mandrel for the cross section of the convex shape of a tube (Fig. 2). The present paper reports the effect of the clearance between the roller and the chucks (Fig. 3). It was shown that clearance improves the formability. The investigating method enables to expand variety of forming shape such as cross-section view of concave shape and convex shape and so on. Moreover, the precision of shape is able to predict by introducing CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), the high precision process conditions can be designed.

Fig. 2 Proposal of this study

Fig. 3 Concept of this study

After presentation, I discussed with several researchers about the application field and the difficulty of this method, and I felt that the expending variety of shape such as wave shape of cross-section view is one of the good approaches to expand application field.

We will continue to evaluate our method and perform the effectiveness of it.

(By HONG Younjeong)

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