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High Bandwidth Optical Backplane for Information and Communication Technology Systems

— Presentation at IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference 2014 —

July 28, 2014

Report from Presenter

The IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference 2014 was held in San Diego, USA, from 4th to 7th May 2014. This conference covered optical interconnects that use short-reach transmission from chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and rack-to-rack. About 100 researchers from corporations and universities came from areas such as China, Europe, the USA, and Japan to attend the conference.

A representative of Yokohama Research Laboratory made a presentation entitled "7.2-Tb/s Compact Optical Backplane using Ribbon Fiber Sheet and High-density Connector." The developed technology is for an optical backplane and connector that gives more bandwidth to information and communication technology (ICT) systems such as servers and routers.

The bandwidth of ICT systems has doubled every two years and is predicted to reach 10-Tb/s by 2016. However, the electrical transmission used in present ICT systems has become increasingly problematic at high data rates due to higher loss and crosstalk.

Fig. 1 Demonstration chassis

Fig. 2 Transmission test

We proposed a compact optical backplane using a ribbon fiber sheet and high-density connector to achieve high bandwidth that exceeds the limitation of electrical transmission. This backplane is also lower in cost, which is one of the major challenges in developing optical interconnects. Furthermore, we fabricated a 7.2-Tb/s optical backplane and evaluated it using the network equipment structure. The backplane was installed on a demonstration chassis, along with 25-Gb/s × 4-ch optical transceiver modules we developed previously. The demonstration chassis achieved error-free transmission (error rate <10-12) and no deterioration in the 25-Gb/s optical signals (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2).

The optical backplane has 576 optical fibers; therefore, the backplane bandwidth reaches 7.2-Tb/s at a 25-Gb/s transmission speed. The chassis can be equipped with two optical backplanes, bringing the total bandwidth up to 14.4-Tb/s. This is sufficient to meet bandwidth demands for ICT systems in 2016.

(By CHUJO Norio)

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  • N. Chujo et al. "7.2-Tb/s Compact Optical Backplane using Ribbon Fiber Sheet and High-density connector", Optical Interconnects Conference (OIC), 2014
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